Film Reel Cupcakes

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film reel cupcakes

I love a reel good cupcake!  See what I did there?  Since I made film reel cupcakes I have been having a blast saying I made some reel good cupcakes.  I have been busy trying to come up with creative and fun ideas for an Oscar party.  There are a lot of options for movie themed desserts but I wanted to do something that I hadn’t seen before.  As I was scrolling on pinterest I saw that someone made film reel cupcakes using licorice wheels and while I liked the idea I didn’t think it looked too much like a film reel.  That got me thinking of ways that I could make film reel cupcakes.

Whenever I get an idea in my head I like to see what items I already have that I can use.  In my kitchen I found icing, mini chocolate chips and Oreos.  Please note that while I used mini chocolate chips I would encourage you to use regular sized ones to better hide the icing.  I found a recipe on pinterest to make two cupcakes from scratch with ingredients that I already had in my kitchen.  The only item that I needed to purchase to make these cupcakes was the Wilton silver color mist.  The color mist can be found at Michaels and comes in a few other colors too.  I was really excited that these cupcakes would enable me to use some cute kitchen items my Mom had bought me.

film reel cupcakes

I decided to use Oreos not only because I had them on hand but because their circular shape made them perfect for the shape of a film reel.  I sprayed the color mist on one side of the Oreo and waited for it to dry before I continued.  I added the chocolate chips so that from a distance it would look like the holes in film reels.  When  you use mini chocolate chips it is difficult to put enough icing on the back to get it to stick to the cookie without the icing showing.  For the best possible look I would encourage you to use regular sized chocolate chips.  In order to get the Oreo to stand up on the cupcake I used a toothpick.  You can also lay the Oreo on top of the cupcake but I felt that using the toothpick looked better for pictures.

film reel cupcakes

I was really curious to see if the color mist would change the taste of the Oreos.  The Oreos were softer after the spray but still very good.  Honestly if you enjoy cupcakes and Oreos this is a great dessert for you to try.  While I plan on serving my cupcakes at an Oscars Party they would be great for a movie themed party or just for fun.

What You Will Need:
Chocolate Chips
Wiltons Silver Color Mist

Once the cupcakes have been made or bought it takes less than ten minutes to put the film reel together.  As I mentioned above I allowed five minutes for the color mist to settle.  Once the mist had set it took around a minute to put the chocolate chips on.  I wish that the icing wasn’t visible but the mini chocolate chips are just so tiny.  Even though the icing on the chocolate chips is visible I am still really proud of these cupcakes and can’t wait for others to try them.

my belle elle

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