Ideas for an Oscars Party

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While I enjoy watching all of the shows during awards season the Oscars have always been the one I look forward to the most.  My Mom and I share an appreciation for the red carpet looks as well as the history of this show.  I am really looking forward to the upcoming show not only because my favorite actor will be there but because they are changing up the speeches.  The Academy is encouraging nominees to write out a list of who they want to thank if they win.  During their speech their thank you’s will scroll across the screen with the hope that they will take the time saved to say something meaningful and inspirational.  The Oscars provide an opportunity for me to invite friends over and have a fun night.  I’m going to share with you my ideas for themed food, decorations and more!


oscar cake

I am a big fan of having themed food at a party though trying to come up with themed food for an Oscars party can be a bit of a challenge.  By far the easiest way to make themed food for the Oscars is with desserts.  If you want to have more food for your guests beyond dessert I would avoid trying to do themed food and just make what you like.  A few years ago my Mom and I went to a local bakery and asked if they could create an Oscars themed cake.  We had them write “And the Oscar goes to…” on the cake as that is what the presenters typically say as they are opening the envelope.  Do you love chocolate covered strawberries?  I made a tuxedo chocolate covered strawberries by melting white chocolate chips and drizzling that on the strawberry in a v shape.  Once that dried I melted chocolate chips and covered the strawberry and carefully outlined the white.  I then added three buttons and a small bow tie.

As I started brainstorming on movie themed desserts I got an idea to create an edible film reel that I could put on top of a cupcake.  This is an easy and delicious treat that will add that something special to an Oscars party.  If you are interested in learning how to make these film reel cupcakes please click on the picture below.

film reel cupcakes

Have you thought about serving popcorn at your Oscars party?  While the thought has crossed my mind I don’t like getting popcorn stuck in my teeth.  Using marshmallows in a treat pop creates the look of popcorn and is really tasty.  To learn how to make the popcorn treat pops please click on the picture below.

Popcorn Treat Pops


I decided to make use of some leftover cardboard I had and cut out two medium sized Oscars.  While I do enjoy creating things I am not an artist so my Oscars did not turn out perfect but I thought once I spray painted them they didn’t look too bad.  Not only do the Oscars look great on the food table but they can also be held for pictures.  My friends and I love to take pictures when we are together so I decided to set out props for photo booths.  In addition to the Oscars I brought out my clapper, and various photo props I had bought at Michaels.  I had some extra coke bottles that I spray painted and they worked out perfectly for holding the props.

A lot of the male actors who come to the Oscars wear a bow tie with their tuxedos.  Last year I got these adorable bows that attach to straws.  They make a perfect drink accessory for an Oscars party as they dress up your beverage.  My Mom got me two sets of cute Kate Spade placemats that are perfect for a Hollywood themed party.  Do you have any Best Pictured nominated movies like Titanic?  You could set them out as decor as well.  All that I had to purchase for decorations was the spray paint.  Everything else I already had or created using things I had so don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money.

Do you want to purchase the Kate Spade placemats?  Please note that the following is an affiliate link which means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.
Set The Scene Placemats

Swag Bag

Did you know that the nominees and invited guests at the Oscars get an incredible swag bag?  Their swag bags are filled with very nice and expensive goodies.  This years swag bag at the Oscars is estimated to be filled with $200,000 worth of items.  Now I don’t quite have that budget but I did want to create a swag bag to give the guest who makes the most correct guesses for who will win.  I created an Oscars ballot which I will have my guests fill out during the red carpet portion.  I used a complimentary Clinique make up bag that I received recently and filled it with Clinique make up remover, bath gel from Bath and Body Works, and two samples from Sephora.

For those of you who have hosted an Oscars party what ideas have you come up with?  The Oscars will air on February 28th on ABC and will be hosted by Chris Rock.  As I wait for the show to air I will continue trying to watch as many of the best picture nominees as possible.  So far I have watched The Revenant, Bridge of Spies and The Martian.  Have you seen any of the Best Picture nominees?
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