Boston Fenway Park Tour Is A Must Do For Baseball Fans

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When I was in Boston a few years ago with some friends I really wanted to go to a Red Sox game.  Unfortunately, there were no games during the time that I was in the city.  Even though I would have loved to go to a game I did not want to pass up the opportunity to tour Fenway Park.  My friends and I had purchased a GO Boston card which included the Fenway Park tour.  I may be an Angels fan but since I love baseball I can appreciate the history that Fenway Park has to offer.  Plus, Fever Pitch is one of my favorite Drew Barrymore movies and they filmed some scenes at the park.  Whether you are able to attend a game or not I highly recommend that baseball fans take any opportunity to tour Fenway Park.

boston fenway park tour The best part about the tour is getting to go all around the ballpark.  Sure, you can explore a little bit during the game but you don’t have the same access that you do on the tour.  Not only do you get to see more of the ballpark on a tour but your tour guide will give you a lot of information.  It is also really nice to get pictures of an empty Fenway Park.  There are still a few sections of seats that are original to the stadium.  Not the red seats that you can see in the picture but wooden seats from when the park first opened.  We sat there and heard a lot of great stories about Fenway Park and the Red Sox.

fenway park tours

The picture directly above was taken from the Green Monster which is located on the left side of the outfield.  Getting to sit on the Green Monster was by far one of the biggest highlights of the tour for me.  Fenway Park is full of memorabilia.  A lot of really interesting memorabilia is on display in the original ticket booths.  Each of the old ticket booths has been painted with the number of year that the Red Sox won the World Series.  I was amazed by how much there was to see throughout the stadium.  We were told about a single red seat that sits among green seats in on the right side of the outfield.  The red seat is a tribute to one of many home runs hit by Ted Williams.  I have a feeling that is a popular seat!

boston fenway park We got to get our picture taken in the bullpen cart which I liked.  The tour lasted for an hour and we still did not get to see everything.  The Angels might be my favorite team but after taking the tour Fenway Park is my favorite baseball stadium.  Did you know that it is the oldest of the MLB stadiums?  I do remember that finding a place to park while we took the tour was a challenge.  We took a 9am tour and none of the parking lots around the stadium were open when we arrived.  After driving around looking for a place to park we offered to pay to park at a gas station.  If I am able to go back to Boston someday I really hope to be able to catch a game here.

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39 thoughts on “Boston Fenway Park Tour Is A Must Do For Baseball Fans

  • Marissa

    How fun! I’ve only been on the outside of it, but the tour would be amazing to see the behind the scenes.

  • Rachel G

    Now that would be cool! My Dad is big into baseball, seeing games, collecting baseball cards–I’ve had a lot of fun baseball experiences with him and I know he’d love to see this place someday!

  • Melisa

    I’m not a baseball fan, but if I ever had the chance I would visit Fenway. It really is a beautiful ball park.

  • Robin Masshole Mommy

    This is my hometown, so I have been to Fenway a million times. Love the tour :)

  • Chelsea

    I went to Fenway for the first time last summer and I was in love! Love Boston so much in general. SO much rich history! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  • Eugenia

    Happy to hear that you had such a great experience! Taking the Fenway Park tour is a great opportunity for baseball fans! I agree, it’s so nice to get pictures of an empty stadium! Love your photos and enjoy reading your post!

  • Tina

    I would LOVE to do this!! Fenway is an institution and I’m envious that you were able to do this!! I have toured the University of Phoenix Stadium (where the Arizona Diamondabacks play) and the Pepsi Center (where the Colorado Avalanche play) and Fenway is on my bucket list! Thanks for the great photos!

  • marianne

    Fenway is a national icon! I have never been to a game in the park either, but it is definitely on my must do list! Thanks for sharing your tour.

  • Emma white

    I’ve never been to basketball game, we don’t have that here in the uk that I know of. So glad you managed to go and take a look around Hun :)

  • Natasha Kingsbury

    This is so awesome! I am headed to Vermont (where my husband is from) this summer and we are planning a day trip to boston! There won’t be any games while we are there BUT I definitely want to take a tour now! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  • Cecile

    How cool! This is one baseball park that I have never visited but hope to in the future. Boston is such a great city.

  • Elizabeth O.

    I haven’t been in a ballpark for years, it would be nice to have a tour like this. Thanks for sharing your experience, I hope there’s a game the next time you visit so you get the full experience!

  • Ashleigh

    I grew up in a baseball family, so I know how cool this must have been for you! My brothers would have loved to tour Fenway Park! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • Ron Leyba

    What a really fun park to visit. Seems like a good one for the whole family.

  • Dawn gibson-thigpen

    this is so cool. i used to go to baseball games with my granddad all the time. at the time i didnt understand the game, but i just loved hanging out with him and eating all of the hotdogs. ha

  • Nicole

    This is awesome and you might love baseball more than me going on a tour! I’m a diehard NY Mets fan and I will be going to Citi field for the first time this week! So awesome and I bet this was fun and yes all the history too.
    xo, Nicole

  • Michelle

    I’m excited that you got the opportunity to go to a baseball game, sounds like you had lots of fun!

  • Liz Mays

    Those backstage tours always reward you with fun bits of trivia and lore. It sounds totally worthwhile!

  • Anosa

    Sounds like you had a great time, its a shame there wasn’t a game on when you went! Maybe next time hey?! Baseball isn’t a big sport over in the UK but I think it beats football!