How To Get Girl Meets World Tickets

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Girl Meets World

I loved getting to meet Danielle Fishel who plays Topanga Lawrence

Girl Meets World

I loved getting to meet Ben Savage who plays Cory Matthews

When I was growing up Boy Meets World was one of the shows that I loved to watch.  The characters were relatable and the show didn’t shy away from dealing with important topics.  I was pretty excited when I found out that there would be a show called Girl Meets World that would focus on Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley Matthews.  I was interested in learning how to get Girl Meets World tickets so that I could go to a taping and see some of my favorite Boy Meets World characters and find what the new show had to offer.  However, I quickly learned just how popular these tickets were and how hard it would be to get a hold of some tickets.

How do you get Girl Meets World tickets? releases tickets for shows like Girl Meets World and The Big Bang Theory.  Tickets are released thirty days before an episode is set to be taped.  Some shows will not run out of tickets until a few days before they tape or they don’t run out at all.  But the popular shows will be filled up within minutes.  If you are looking to get tickets to see a show you will want to make sure that you are on your computer before 8:00am-8:30am M-F PST.  Some shows limit the number of tickets one person can get and this is the case for Girl Meets World.  You can submit a new ticket request on behalf of other members of your group as long as you have their address and phone number because you will need to put that information in.  My recommendation is to have the ticket order form up at 8:00am and just keep refreshing that every few minutes until the tickets are available.

When you go to a taping you need to stay until it is over so that you do not disrupt filming.  Typically a taping beginning around 5:00pm will get out anywhere between 9:00-10:00pm on average.  Sometimes it is earlier and sometimes it is later it depends on how things go.  I would recommend that you bring snacks and if you want to bring snacks that come in wrappers take them out of the wrappers and put them into a ziplock bag.  That way you won’t make any loud noises that would cause them to stop filming.  When I was at the taping we were given a slice of pizza, a banana, and a water bottle.  However, I have been to tapings where all we got was a fun size candy bar.  In addition to coming prepared with food I would also encourage you to bring a jacket because sets get really hot due to all the lights so the air conditioner is typically very strong to help everything and everyone stay cool.

During the taping you will be expected to keep your phones in your pockets/purses because they do not want people tweeting about the episode or taking pictures of the set.  If you don’t want to turn your phone off at least put it on silent so that you aren’t the reason that they have to call cut.  You can get in a lot of trouble for that so make sure to behave.  I have been to tapings where the cast does not interact with the fans after the taping and I have been to tapings where photos and autographs were given.  Luckily Girl Meets World is a set where you have a great chance of getting several autographs and maybe even a picture or two.  If you want autographs make sure to bring a sharpie and something for them to sign like maybe a season of Boy Meets World?

The episode that they shot when I was at the taping was the Christmas episode of the first season.  It was around March to April when I went to the taping and the episode didn’t air until December so you get to see things way anyone else.  Since the show had yet to be on air they played the pilot episode for us before the taping began.  When the episode started Cory & Topanga were busying getting their apartment ready for the company that was coming for the holidays.  Shawn Hunter, Mr. & Mrs. Matthews and Cory’s younger brother Josh all came to celebrate the holidays with them.  If only Jack and Eric would have been there that day but it was still very cool to see some familiar faces from Boy Meets World.  Being an audience member at a live taping is really cool because you get to see how the actors handle it when they forget a line or mess up.  People on set are also listening to see how the audience responds to certain moments in the scene and they might realize that a joke isn’t working or something like that and decide to change the scene.

At the end of the taping the cast members were called out one by one to take a bow and then three of the child actors walked up to the audience area to sign autographs and Danielle and Ben came over to take pictures.  Where you sit is raised up from the ground and unless you have a VIP pass you do not get to walk down on set.  So if you want to try to get a picture or an autograph you need to make your way to the black bars which are in front of where you sit.  And if you want a picture ask politely and hand  your phone to the actors so that they can use it to take a selfie.  I would have loved to have gotten a picture with Rider Strong who played Shawn Hunter but he did not come over for pictures.  I hope this helps you should you decide to get tickets to a taping.


my belle elle

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12 thoughts on “How To Get Girl Meets World Tickets

  • Sonja

    Hi thank you for this article!

    Do they put the Tickets in a Special day in their Website just like Monday? Or just 30 days before the taping day?

    How can you get a VIP pass ? Do they sell it?

    I am from Germany and i really would like to go in a taping some day 💕

  • Elle Post author

    I would love for you to get to go to a taping. The tickets go up exactly 30 days before the taping date though but only monday through friday so if 30 days before the taping falls on a Saturday or Sunday the tickets would go up either Friday or Monday. Keep an eye on the upcoming filming dates part of the tickets website so that way you can figure out when the tickets should appear on the website. You can also try email the ticketing company to let them know how far away you live and see if there is anyway that they can help you get tickets. The only way that I know of to get the VIP pass is to know someone in the cast or crew. I don’t know of any being sold but I would imagine that they might sell one or two as part of a charity auction. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Sonja

    Thank you for your help! I grew up with Boy meets World and i Love the new Show, too ! So it would get me back to My childhood 😊

  • Andrea Crawford

    Hi i have question . How does one get girl meets world tickets or the process of it. is there money invovled? also do you know how to get vip?

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Andrea, there is no money involved. the tickets are given out through and are first come first serve. you will want to check their 30 day schedule on the website to see when tickets will be available next. vip is only available to those who know someone in the cast or crew to put them on the list

  • Catie

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’m going to a taping on March 8th, and I’m really excited. This post helped a lot! The only thing I was wondering about was the VIP tickets, but I see you answered that below!

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Elizabeth, I just looked on to see if there was any information about your question. I could not find anything saying that you would need an adult. All I saw was that you have to at least be ten years old which obviously you are over that age. However, I would hate for you to go alone and be let in. Here is the email address for the people who give out the tickets They are typically quick at giving responses and will be able to give you a correct answer.

  • B

    How early would you suggest getting to the taping? Also how many people get in? I have tickets but I wasn’t sure when I should get there or how many people they let in.

  • Elle Post author

    if the taping is at 4pm I would recommend getting there by 11am at the latest but the earlier you can get there the better. i don’t remember how big the audience area is so I would say 150 at the most but I feel like that is too high a number.