Visiting the Hoover Dam

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Hoover DamWhile I was visiting Las Vegas my mom and I decided to make a day trip to the Grand Canyon stopping for a visit at the Hoover Dam on the way. The Hoover Dam is a quick drive away from Las Vegas, but it is far enough way that you should eat a big meal before you go. There are hardly any eateries by the Hoover Dam. My mom and I took our time taking pictures on top of the dam before heading inside the visitors center to get information. We decided to take the basic tour which meant we would not have to spend too long inside the dam. Going under ground freaks me out a lot so the less time I spent inside the dam the better. The name of the tour we chose was the power plant tour. Before we went in the dam they took a picture in front of a green screen and I think the picture turned out really nice.

Hoover dam

This is the green screen picture.

After the picture we were taken inside a theatre where we watched a short film which informed us about the creation of the Hoover Dam.  You are then taken down into the dam in an elevator which is crammed full of people.  I tend to get nervous in elevators because if they get stuck you do not have too many options to get out.  I had expressed my concerns about the elevator and about being underground to the gentleman who talked us into taking the tour.  My mom was interested in taking it but I was a bit anxious.  He made me believe that the elevator was huge and would not have that many people.  Well as it turns out he and I have very different ideas on what a big and non crowded elevator look like but I survived.

Hoover Dam Inside

Inside the large and open room in the Hoover Dam

Once we were taken down inside the dam we were brought into a room to learn about where the water comes from, where it goes, how much is there and so forth.  After that we were brought through a tunnel into a big room that I would have been fine to stay in for a few hours.  I was ready to leave after a minute in the first room and in the tunnels.  We were underground for less than 30 minutes so it did not take too much time.  We were very impressed by our green screen picture so we bought that and headed back outside to take some pictures before we went off to the Grand Canyon West Rim.

There is a charge for parking in a covered structure.  If you do want to visit the Hoover Dam without taking a tour you are able to do that.  I really enjoyed seeing the Hoover Dam and would encourage you to check it out if you will be in Las Vegas or another nearby location.  For more information on the Hoover Dam check out their website:

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20 thoughts on “Visiting the Hoover Dam

  • Betsy

    Wow this looks amazing! I’ve missed going to the Hoover Dam the last two times we were in Vegas… we’ll definitely have to make our way out there the next time we’re in town!

  • Elizabeth O.

    This is such a fun experience! I’m glad you had a great time touring the dam and learning a lot about it.

  • Michelle Blackwood

    Sounds wonderful, my husband has been to Las Vegas on a business trip and he is planning to take me. I can’t wait to go now!