Attending an LA Lakers Game

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One of the best things about Los Angeles is the variety of professional sports that locals and visitors can see.  The Los Angeles Lakers play at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.  I have wanted to attend an LA Lakers Game for a very long time.  Recently, my Mom and I went to a game so that we could see Kobe Bryant play before he retired.  As luck would have it Kobe did not play during that game.  However, that night they gave out Kobe bobble heads with a stand to fans.  While Kobe did not play we did at least get to see him in person at the Staples Center and I am thankful for that.

We had such a great time at the game and stayed until the very end.  I am so happy that the Lakers won!  After the game we did our best to get as close to the court as possible.  This was quite a challenge as the workers were doing their best to get people to leave.  However, two very kind men gave us their tickets so that we would be able to go very close to the court.  Once we had those tickets the workers were more patient with us but still had us move a long after we took a few pictures.  If you are planning on attending a Lakers game in the future I have a few tips to share with you.

  • Park at the LA Convention Center – Yes, it is expensive to park here but is there really a cheap parking option in a downtown area?  This is the most convenient parking lot as it is directly next to the Staples Center.  You can exit the parking structure and enter the Staples Center without needing to cross the street.  I was disappointed that they charge $25 for the Lakers game while they only charge $15 for parking at an LA Kings game.  I would encourage you to have cash as it makes parking so much easier.  It is not a bad idea to take a picture of where you parked so you can find your car easily at the end.
  • Eat a big meal before the game – Food at professional sporting events is always expensive.  I like to eat a big meal before I go and get a snack if I get a little hungry.  Of course, it doesn’t always work out like that and at the Lakers game I needed dinner.  For a small hot dog, drink and tater tots it was over $20 and the tater tots were so salty that I could only eat a few.  If you are buying food for more than one person the costs can really add up.
  • Check out the Stubhub ticket experience – I found the ticket experience when I went to an LA Kings game.  It is located on the first floor of the Staples Center and is free.  You get your picture taken and then personalize a commemorative ticket for you to keep.  You can email it to yourself and they will print it out and give it to you in a protective sleeve attached to a lanyard.  It is a nice keepsake from the game.
  • Bring binoculars – a lot of people like to look and see what celebrities are in the crowd.  Binoculars are a great way to try and spot them.  They are also great for getting a better view of the game when your seats are high up.
  • If there is a giveaway at the game you attend make sure to arrive early.  They will most likely run out of the item they are giving out.

Do you have any tips to share about attending an LA Lakers game?

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