4 Tips for Prom

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It is that time of year where high school students are getting ready for prom.  For many prom is one of the things that they are/were looking forward to the most in high school.  I remember thinking my Mom’s prom was way cooler than mine because her prom was held at the Disneyland Hotel.  However, since I went to school in Tennessee we didn’t have that as an option.  I was on the prom committee my junior year though I didn’t get much of a say in the planning process.  My sister had a Las Vegas themed prom her junior year and a Paris themed prom her senior year.  I cannot remember what the theme from the two years I went which tells me I didn’t think they were as cool as the ones she went to.

What I do remember about prom is laughing, dancing and having fun with my friends.  I also remember being way too tan my senior year.  After prom my friends and I played mini golf, went to the movies at 4am and slept during most of the next day.  It can be tempting to pick an expensive restaurant to eat at before prom but it normally leaves high school students disappointed.  Make sure to do some research and pick a place that has something that everyone will enjoy.  Also, bring a pair of flip flops to slip on later in the evening because high heels are only comfortable for so long.  Below I want to share with you four tips for prom that have helped me look back on the experience fondly.

I fell in love with this Jessica McClintock dress the moment I saw it. It was the first dress I tried I and I knew instantly that I wanted it

  1. Buy a dress you will wear more than once:  I needed a formal dress for a few different events during my sophomore year of high school.  The dress that I picked out ended up being my prom dress for my junior year.  This was such a great decision because I got a lot of use out of the dress.  I am one of those people who hates the idea of buying something to only use for one occasion.  If you take good care of your dress you might even be able to sell it afterwards.  There was a shop near my high school called Second Time Around where you could take your dress and if it sold they split the profits with you.  Since I still get cast as a high school student I have even worn my one of my prom dresses on some television shows that I worked on.
  2. Go to prom with your friends:  For my junior prom I went with several of my girl friends and we had so much fun.  For my senior prom I asked a good friend of mine, that I had met doing community theatre, if he would be my date.  That was the best decision because to this day we are still great friends.  How many people can really say that they are still close with their prom date years later?  You will never regret spending prom with your closest friends.  There is no guarantee that your date will want to dance very much or will be as much fun as you thought.  When you go with your friends you know you will have a great time because you already know how to have fun together.
  3. Get your make up done at a department store: One of my favorite memories about prom was getting ready.  It was really fun to get my hair, nails and make up done.  Sure, I could have done all of those things myself but prom was a great excuse to get a little bit of pampering.  Most make up counters like Clinique, at department stores like Macy’s or Dillards, will do your make up for free.  Of course, they hope that you will buy a product in exchange which I have always been happy to do.  I would recommend purchasing an eyeshadow or something that you are running low on.  Just be sure to ask up front what their policy is on doing make up.  Some make up counters require that you purchase a certain amount of products before they do your make up.

    tips for prom

    The parthenon in Nashville was a great picture spot

  4. Pick a special spot to take pictures:  If you are anything like me you love taking pictures.  For my junior prom my group of friends took pictures at a girls house on the lake.  Her dad had rented us a limo which was picking us up at their house so it was a good spot to take pictures.  However, the prom pictures that I really treasure are from my senior prom.  There is a replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, TN not too far from where my prom was being held.  We had such a lovely time taking pictures at the Parthenon.  A few days before my sister’s senior prom she went with my Mom to Opryland Hotel where they spent hours taking pictures in front of the beautiful scenery.  Prom is a very special event for a lot of high schoolers and their parents.  Why pay a big fee for those tacky pictures you can buy at prom?  Pick a beautiful spot to take pictures with your group or with your family before you meet up with your group.

What tips for Prom do you have to share?

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28 thoughts on “4 Tips for Prom

  • Amy Jones

    Look at that limo! High rollers style! hehe, i shared my prom with my bffs and believe it was an Amazing night!

  • Ashley

    Aw! What a sweet post! Definitely took me back to my prom days! Such a fun day to feel like a princess!

    xo Ashley

  • Elizabeth O.

    Love the tips. It’s good advice to buy a dress that you can wear for more than one occasion, it saves you a lot of dough as well. I like taking pictures as well and a good backdrop is always a plus!

  • Athena

    I don’t have to worry about prom for my youngest daughter for quite a few more years. The oldest children have already been there and done that. But my baby… well she will get totally pampered…

  • victoria

    Such a great tips, It reminds me my prom day and this is really helpful to my niece that have a prom next year

  • Kusum

    Nice tips, not just for prom but for any special occasion. Sephora does make up too, you just need to buy a $50 gift card and free to use that anytime in the future, aren’t getting make up done at one of these stores the best! That yellow dress looks stunning :)
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  • Lawrence Hamilton

    I have shared this with my daughter via email. All excellent tips!

  • The Southern Stylista

    Awww, these are making me reminisce about prom so hard! I have such fond memories of my prom, even though I honestly don’t really talk to people from high school (or either of my dates!). They’re still such fun things to look back on.

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  • Chloe

    I absolutely adored prom! Remember to bring a pair of fluffy socks or flats in your bag though, I only kept my heels on for half an hour! XD

    Chloe | hayitschloe.com | @hayitschloeblog

  • Michelle

    These are great tips, love the one about getting makeup done at department store, will keep in mind when I’m going to do a photoshoot. Also love the idea of buying an outfit that can be worn more than once.

  • Jenjen

    Those days! (flashback of my prom night) and yes having a dress you can wear more than once is should be keep in mind (if only I knew about this way before)

  • Lindsay

    What great memories! I almost don’t remember the prom that I went to and I’m feeling a bit old just reading this. haha I do remember my friends and I all purchased one nice dress and then as more formal events would come up, we’d all swap dresses so they’d get used multiple times but we would always wear a different dress.

  • christina aliperti

    Prom is such a great memory for me. I love that beautiful yellow dress. My dress was black and burgundy and it was designed by me and then handmade.

  • Colette S

    I absolutely agree with all your tips, especially purchasing a dress you’ll wear again and again.
    And also enjoying the time with your friends.
    Leave the boyfriend pressure behind.

  • Glen Main

    Great pictures! It’s about time we consider getting more practical and fancy at the same time. This should be helpful in my next event. Lucky for guys though because suits are relatively more reusable. Thanks for the tips.