Visiting the Eiffel Tower

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Following my tour of the Louvre my tour group boarded a boat to travel down the Sine river to the Eiffel Tower.  The boat had a glass top which made it quite warm but also made it very easy to sight see and take pictures.  We passed so many beautiful places and I was thrilled that we passed the Alexander Bridge which is so beautiful!  I have a picture of the whole bridge but due to the glare on the glass it did not turn out to well.  I love the above picture because it shows a bit of the bridge with the Eiffel Tower.

eiffel tower

Of all of the places that I was excited to see in Paris the Eiffel Tower was at the top of my list.  We got off the boat and walked across the street to the Eiffel Tower.  Our tour guide picked up our tickets and we were able to get expedited access to the Eiffel Tower which was another blessing.  We ate lunch on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower as part of our tour.  What an incredible experience that was to have lunch inside the Eiffel Tower.  This was the main reason that I selected the Paris in One Day Sightseeing tour through Viator.

We only had to wait a short time before taking the elevator up to the first story where we were seated immediately at the 58 tour Eiffel restaurant.  We were unable to get a table by the window but it was still amazing to eat inside the Eiffel Tower.  The food at the Eiffel Tower was very good and ended up being one of the better meals that I had on my trip in Europe.  When our tour guide left us for lunch she said that she would meet us where the boat had dropped us off in three hours.  After we finished eating we had plenty of time to enjoy the sights from the Eiffel Tower.

DSC01753 For me the Eiffel Tower was such an incredible place to visit.  It provided me with such incredible views of the city that I would not have seen otherwise.  I had seen the replica of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas but seeing the real Eiffel Tower in the city of Paris is a whole different experience.  We did not have time to go to the very top but that was not a big deal for me because I was just so happy to be there.

There were a lot of pickpockets at the Eiffel Tower and I made sure that I was very aware of those around me and did not take my hand off my purse at any time.  In order to take pictures of me and my grandpa with the Eiffel Tower in the background we walked out into a grassy area in front.  On a cooler day I would have loved to have sat in the grass and just admired the beauty of the city.  However, it was very warm so after we finished taking all of the pictures I wanted we found a bench by the tower in the shade.

If you want to have the most enjoyable experience at the Eiffel Tower I would encourage you to book a tour or at least buy a pass to cut the line.  You could wait hours to go up in the Eiffel Tower and time can be very precious when you are sightseeing.  For me it was a great decision to book the tour through viator since it meant that I didn’t have to spend most of my day waiting in line.  It was also great to have transportation and an english speaking tour guide.  Make sure to do your research ahead of time to figure out what the best choice is for you when it comes to visiting famous locations in Paris like the Eiffel Tower.

notre dame

Following our time at the Eiffel tower we got back onto a boat and headed to the Notre-Dame cathedral.  This was the one time where we were unable to cut the line to get in but luckily it was not too long of a line.  The church is so beautiful and I loved stopping by to see it.  Our tour guide spoke to us inside of the church which was also where our tour ended.  Once the tour is over you can purchase a ticket to go to the top of the cathedral if you wish.  Due to the fact that we had a very long day and were exhausted we chose to head back to our hotel and get ready to fly to Rome.  I hope this helps give you an idea of what one day in Paris could look like.  What suggestions do you have about spending a day in Paris?

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17 thoughts on “Visiting the Eiffel Tower

  • Liz Mays

    I’ve been there once, but next time I go back I think I want to walk up. I hear wonderful things about doing that.

  • Anna C.

    I really like Paris, it’s a great city! But every time I go to Paris is usually to visit Disneyland, I’m a huge Disney freak.
    But my mom LOVES Paris! :)

  • Elizabeth O.

    I really want to see this for myself someday. Paris is one of my dream destinations and nothing can change that.

  • Jeanine

    So beautiful. I’ve never visited but I do often dream of it. Would love to see it in real life. Seems like such an amazing place to be.

  • Rosey

    I liked visiting too. I wanted to take pictures outside, it was too cold and hubby rushed me in. When we came out we had to rush to get to a show so I missed out on pics right there. #crazy