Hotel Del Coronado

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Hotel Del Coronado

Recently, my Dad and I were in San Diego to see a musical. We thought it would be fun to visit Hotel Del Coronado while we were in the area. Neither of us has ever stayed at here but we have both stopped by before. The hotel is located near downtown San Diego on Coronado and is truly a special place to visit. I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to find street parking directly across from the hotel. It was even more surprising that the parking meter only charged .25¢ an hour.  Parking at the hotel is very expensive so unless you are staying at the hotel I would encourage you to look for street parking.

Hotel Del Coronado

Tree from Some Like It Hot

Hotel Del Coronado opened in 1888 and by the 1920’s it was a popular destination for the Hollywood elite as well as several Presidents. Those of you who love visiting filming locations will be happy to know that the hotel was used in Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe. There is a dragon tree with a sign in front of it saying it was used in the movie and there were a few signs with pictures from the making of the movie.  The hotel they stay at in the movie is supposed to be in Miami but in reality, they were at this gorgeous hotel in Coronado. If you are a big Monroe fan or just enjoy visiting locations where movies were made this hotel is a great place to visit. The hotel is such an incredible place to explore and the fact that it is located on the beach is the icing on the cake.

Hotel Del Coronado

With the victorian themed architecture, the hotel is stunningly beautiful and the location provides perfect scenery for guests and visitors. The Grand Floridan Resort & Spa in Walt Disney World reminds me a lot of Hotel Del Coronado because both of the hotels have a luxurious feel to them.  In 1977 Hotel Del Coronado was named a Historic National Landmark. I hope this hotel to stay around for a very long time.  After exploring the outside my Dad and I made our way into the lobby which had a lovely Christmas tree set up. Behind the check-in counter were screens showing a live feed from the waves just outside.  The lobby has a wonderful vintage feel to it. Just one look at the elevator made me feel like I had been transported back in time.

Hotel Del Coronado

I would love to be blogging about how amazing it was to stay there and what that experience was like.   However, for now, I remain an admirer of this beautiful hotel. You don’t need to be a guest at the hotel in order to have a good time here. Currently, there is an ice skating rink set up in the back of the hotel overlooking the beach. That’s right you can go ice skating at the beach which I think is really cool and offers by far the best view from an ice skating rink that I have ever seen. In addition to having the ice skating rink during the holiday season guests and visitors can also enjoy DELights which is a holiday lights experience that takes place in the Garden Patio. Since we had limited time before we needed to leave for lunch & our show we quickly walked around the property. My Dad & I really enjoyed sitting down for about ten minutes watching the ocean which was very relaxing. We both were amazed by how beautiful the hotel is and how cool it would be to stay there and walk out onto the beach.

If you will be in the San Diego area and are looking to have a nice dinner I would recommend seeing if one of the restaurants at Hotel Del Coronado would fit into your budget. Another special thing that is happening for the holidays which guests and visitors can take advantage of is Victorian tea.  I would enjoy this now as an adult but as a little girl, I would have especially loved dressing up and going to such a grand hotel for tea.  A few days ago they had Teddy Bear Tea which was very kid friendly with craft tables and Mrs. Claus & even some elves. If the hotel is out of your price range don’t let that scare you off. It is still worth visiting since you can walk around and admire the architecture and the scenery with no cost other than parking.  Should you chose to add on any other expense that is up to you.

If you are at all interested in visiting or staying at Hotel Del Coronado you can click on the link here for more information:

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20 thoughts on “Hotel Del Coronado

  • Robin Masshole Mommy

    We go to San Diego every April (maybe I will see you next time?) and we stay on the Navy base up the road from this hotel. We have to drive by it to leave the island and it;s so pretty.

  • Elle Post author

    I am rarely in San Diego I live in the Los Angeles/Orange County area so you would be more likely to see me there :) i’d love to meet you

  • Kim S

    I LOVE this hotel, it’s been a few years since I’ve visited the grounds. Though I’ve never stayed there, I bet it’s very nice. ;)

  • Elizabeth O.

    The deck looks like a place I can spend an entire afternoon in just reading a book and drinking some refreshing fruit shake! It’s really so lovely. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Liz Mays

    I visited in ’88 and it is absolutely exquisite there. I didnt stay, but did just what you suggested. I strolled the grounds and the lobby.