Pitch Perfect 3 Review The Pitches Are Still Aca-Awesome

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Earlier this week I was blessed with an opportunity to attend the world premiere for Pitch Perfect 3. My friend Bruno entered a contest and won two tickets as well as access to the red carpet. We had the chance to meet all of the Barden Bellas and the majority of other cast members. I loved the first Pitch Perfect movie but found myself incredibly disappointed with the sequel. Keep reading to find my spoiler-free Pitch Perfect 3 review.

pitch perfect 3 review

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Before I share my Pitch Perfect 3 review I’ll share a bit about the red carpet experience. We were all given Last Call Pitches t-shirts to wear in the fan pit. Bruno and I had a spot at the end of the press area. That meant every cast member who did interviews passed by us. The majority of the cast was extremely generous in giving time to the fans. Fat Amy is my favorite Barden Bella so I was really happy when Rebel Wilson took time to take pictures with us. I so badly wanted to make a short video quoting the first movie with her.

pitch perfect free movie

The Pitch Perfect series would not be the same without the incredible Anna Kendrick.

pitch perfect free movie

Skylar Astin’s character Jesse is not in Pitch Perfect 3. However, he came to support Anna Camp whom he is engaged to. Besides Fat Amy, Jesse is my favorite character so I was thrilled to meet Skylar. After we met other cast members we were lead inside the Dolby Theatre. When we took our seats an acapella group was singing songs from the first two movies. Then Elizabeth Banks, two other producers, and the director came out to introduce the movie. Elizabeth shared that when the first movie was made she was just trying to help create a movie that her friends would enjoy watching. I think it’s safe to say that they succeeded in making a movie that the world has enjoyed watching.

Pitch Perfect 3 Review

I was incredibly excited to go to the premiere for Pitch Perfect 3 because of how much I love the first movie. Singing is one of my favorite things to do for fun so I really connected with the story. Plus, the first movie has so many great lines to quote. When the second movie let me down I have to admit that I was not excited when I first heard that there would be a third movie. Within the first 5 minutes of Pitch Perfect 3, I could tell that I would like this one.

The third movie focuses completely on the Barden Bellas with no side stories about Bumper or Jesse. They are only mentioned briefly and even though I love Jesse I didn’t miss him in the movie. That is how great the story with the girls is. All of the girls except for Emily have graduated and are attempting to pursue their dreams. When the chance arrives for the girls to reunite and sing together once more they all jump at the opportunity. From the music to the jokes everything seems to be on point in the movie. What I loved about the first movie came through again in this one.

Rebel, Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, and Brittany Snow were on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this past week. Ellen asked if this would be the last movie and Anna shared that they don’t know because it isn’t up to them. However, if this is the last time we see the Bellas together this movie is the perfect way to say goodbye.

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