The Original Los Angeles Flower Market

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The Original Los Angeles Flower Market has been on my to do list for years. Ever since I saw Garry Marshall’s Valentines Day I have wanted to come here. Towards the beginning of the movie Ashton Kutcher comes here to find the perfect flower for his fiancé. After seeing the amount of flowers you can find here I knew this would a great place to check out.

the original los angeles flower market

The main reason that it has taken me so long to visit the flower market in downtown Los Angeles was that I wanted to come here with my Mom. Well, when my parents come to town we always have a lot going on. When we have gone to LA we didn’t stop here because we weren’t going back home right away. We didn’t want the flowers to be in the hot car all day.

Last month when my Mom and I were driving to Universal Studios I mentioned how I still needed to go here. We decided to stop and smell the roses before we got to the theme park. Since we were staying out all day we didn’t buy anything but I decided that I didn’t want to wait any longer to discover this hidden gem. Some of you who know about this place might think that it isn’t a hidden gem. However, for those of us who didn’t grow up in the area we only know about it from Valentine’s Day or from word-of-mouth.

The address for the flower market is 754 Wall Street in downtown LA. It isn’t in the most glamorous area but this place is amazing. Imagine if Costco was only filled with flowers. That is the only way that I can even begin to describe the amount of flowers that you will see and the great prices.

According to their website it costs $2 to get in during the week and $1 on Saturday. It was about 9:30am when my Mom and I came here and no one asked for us to pay to get in. So I’m not really sure how that works but go in expecting pay and if you don’t have to that is awesome! The $2 is nothing compared to the money you’ll save if you buy flowers. If you cannot find street parking there are a few different parking lots close by. The parking garage is the safest option. The public can come from either 6am or 8am to 12pm or 2pm depending on the day.

The next time that I have to host a party or event where flowers are needed this will be my go to spot. This whole area is so cool to shop. We parked our car down by shops that were filled with cheap but nice quality fabrics. This place is a gold mine for anyone who loves a good DIY project.

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