Cafe Jack Los Angeles Gives You A Chance To Go Back To Titanic

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Some of you know that Titanic is my favorite movie. Imagine how delighted I was to learn that there is a restaurant in Los Angeles that is dedicated to the movie and is even named after Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack Dawson. Cafe Jack LA, located in Koreatown, is a restaurant inside of a small ship. Once I found at about Cafe Jack I immediately sent a text to my Mom. However, once she saw what it looked like she was less than thrilled about the prospect of eating here and decided it would be a better adventure for me to do with a friend.

cafe jack los angeles

If I’m being honest, what I saw online didn’t exactly impress me but my love for Titanic helped me keep an open mind. My friend Bruno said that he’d go with me and even had the idea that we should dress up like Jack & Rose for the occasion. I knew he was my best friend for a reason!! We were in Koreatown for a dinner a few weeks ago before we went to a show at The Hotel Cafe when we just happened to stumble upon Cafe Jack.

The restaurant is located in the back corner of a parking lot. Once I saw it in person I no longer had a desire to go inside. From what I saw on Instagram there are some photographs from the movie on the wall but I can see those in the Titanic books that I own. It wasn’t the sketchiest place I’ve seen but nothing that I saw on the outside made me believe that the inside would impress me at all.

You might be wondering why I’m blogging about this place if I didn’t actually go inside. Sure, I am not able to give you a review on the decor or the food, but I am able to share that this place isn’t very impressive. Everything I’ve read about it online has given me the impression that at it’s best it will give you an average experience. There are so many other incredible places to eat at in Los Angeles that it would be unfair for me to not warn you about this place. If you really want a Titanic experience visit the Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas.

If you’re looking for an above average dining experience in the Los Angeles area some of my favorite places to recommend are The Smokehouse, Yamashiro, Restaurant 917, and the Magic Castle.

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