Snatched Movie Premiere with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn

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The Snatched movie premiere was held in Westwood, California. The movie is about a Mother/Daughter trip to Ecuador that takes an unexpected turn. Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer star in Snatched which is in theatres everywhere today. Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson joined Goldie at the premiere.

snatched movie premiere

How did I get to go to the premiere?

My friend Bruno won tickets through a contest on a local radio stations website. My advice is to always enter contests because someone has to win and that someone might as well be you. After we picked up our tickets at will call we met Wanda Sykes who is also in Snatched.

kesha rose

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Inside the lobby, we met the singer Kesha. She is so sweet! Bruno really a really incredible night because he loves Kesha so much.

snatched movie premiere

Before the movie began Amy and Goldie spoke about the cast and the making of the movie. They really do make a cute pair. As far as the movie itself goes a lot of people in the audience liked it better than Amy’s last movie Trainwreck. I thought the first half of the movie was hilarious but the second half was a bit boring for me. However, the entire cast in this movie is fantastic. Wanda Sykes, Christopher Meloni, and Ike Barinholtz were all so perfect for their parts.

Would I recommend this movie? If you like Amy Schumer’s humor then yes I would recommend the movie because I think you’ll enjoy it. Snatched is in theatres over Mother’s Day but not everyone should consider taking their Moms to see this movie. My Mom likes Goldie Hawn, but I don’t know if she would like this particular movie.

angel wings near ucla

I found this pair of Colette Miller angel wings at one of the UCLA extension buildings while I was walking to the movie theatre. If you want to get a picture with the pair of wings in Westwood walk beyond the Chevron station near In-N-Out.

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