Visit the filming locations from the Full House Disney World Episode

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If you’re a big Full House fan like me you’ve probably seen the episodes The House Meets the Mouse Part 1 & 2. During season six the entire Tanner family, plus Kimmy Gibbler, flew out to Walt Disney World. These two episodes are my favorite. I love that it combines Disney & Full House. I love getting to go to place that my favorite shows & movies film at. Of course, I love going to Disney anyways! I thought it would be fun to share the Full House filming locations at Walt Disney World.

Full House Disney World Episode

Walt Disney World has gone through a lot of changes since the Tanner family was here. This episode was filmed 23 years ago so it would be shocking if things were 100% the same. The parade that the Tanner family participated in no longer exists. For the most part though you can do almost everything that your favorite characters did.

The Tanner family stayed at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Even if you are not staying at the hotel you are more than welcome to come check it out. It is a beautiful hotel with a very classic look. This is the first location we see the Tanner family at in Florida. They are standing outside of the hotel when Michelle meets Donald & Goofy. This is also when Danny tries to hand out his itinerary.

Later in the episode Jesse & Becky make plans to have a picnic and a romantic boat ride. This takes place on the dock at the Grand Floridian. The lobby of the hotel is where Jesse played the piano and sang for Becky after missing their date. The lobby is also the location of DJ and Steve’s reunion. The Grand Floridan makes one more appearance later in the second episode. Stephanie and Joey have a nice talk on a swing which takes place on the sandy area by the water in the back of the hotel.

Everyone goes their own way after throwing away Danny’s itinerary. Joey goes to the animation building at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I am so sad to share this building is no longer open. This used to be my favorite park considering my love for movies. The animation buildings were a great experience.

Danny goes to EPCOT to meet up with his girlfriend Vicky in the German Pavilion in the World Showcase. At the beginning of the episode Danny shares that he wants to propose to Vicky. Of course, in true sitcom style he is consistently interrupted whenever he tries to bring it up.

Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky and Nicky & Alex go to Toontown which is no longer there. Toontown was really cute while it lasted. At least it still exists at The Disneyland Resort.

The next time we see Vicky & Danny they are dining at the Coral Reef Restaurant in EPCOT. The restaurant is still there and is on my list of places to eat in the future. In the middle of the restaurant is a big tank with fish and sharks. Jesse & Joey do their radio show from an enclosed bubble inside the tank.

When DJ, Kimmy, Stephanie & Michelle first get to Magic Kingdom they are by the Main Street train station. It is there that they spot the magic lamp. When Michelle rubs the lamp the Genie appears and she becomes princess for the day. Her first wish is to not wait in line for the rides. As it turns out she mainly wants to ride the carousel in Fantasyland over and over again.

After running away Michelle who decides that her next wish is to have a tea party.  The Tanner family is reunited at the tea party. Tea parties are not available inside the park. However, if you would like to go to a Disney tea party you can make reservations for one at The Grand Floridian.

After the tea party the Tanners go watch the Indiana Jones™ Epic Stunt Spectacular! At the end of the show DJ stands up and shouts out Steve since she has been seeing his face everywhere. My friends and I did this once at the show. The people around us were not amused. Maybe they weren’t Full House fans. I highly recommend watching this show when you’re in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Next, the family is back at Magic Kingdom riding Dumbo in Fantasyland. It is on this ride that Kimmy decides to air her shoes out. Andrea Barber (Kimmy) recreated this photo at The Disneyland Resort a few years ago. You can find the photo on her instagram if you look back far enough.

After Dumbo they rode the Speedway in Tomorrowland.

The last attraction that we see them ride is Splash Mountain in Frontierland.

The last stop of their Walt Disney World trip takes place at Cinderella’s castle at Magic Kingdom. It is here that Danny finally proposes to Vicky. This is also where Jesse & The Rippers perform.

Do you have a favorite Full House episode?

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