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5 Must Have Items Have On Your Packing List for College

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure policy here. Deciding what to pack for college can be quite the challenge. Odds are that everything you would like to take with you just won’t fit in your room. Even with planning & preparation there is still a chance that […]

must have items to pack for college

save money on college books

5 Ways to Save Money on College Books

College books are insanely expensive. Buying them from the campus bookstore can be the most convenient option. However, don’t assume that you are getting a good deal. Yes, that may end up being the place to buy some if not all of your books when you can’t find them elsewhere. […]

8 Tips to Make Your Dorm Room More Comfortable

This post contains affiliate links you can read my disclosure policy here. Dorm rooms don’t have the best reputation. They are thought of as old, cramped, and some times just down right disgusting. I have seen my fair share of dorm rooms over the years through camps I attended on college […]

make your dorm room more comfortable


Reasons to Take College Tours

College tours are a great way to help students decide what school they might like to attend. I tagged along when my older sister started doing college tours and did a few of my own when I was a sophomore and junior in high school. My dream school was UCLA, […]

National Student Exchange Program

I was born in California but raised in Tennessee and even though I was a little girl when my family moved I always wanted to come back to the golden state.  It was a dream of mine to go to college in California and continue to live here after but […]