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Six Flags Magic Mountain

As a child I loved roller coasters and visiting Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom was always fun for me.  Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee the choices for theme parks within a decent driving distance were Dollywood or Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.  It took some convincing on my parents part to get […]

Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia was the last stop on my European cruise.  We were in port from 7am to 2pm so that we could start making our way back to Venice.  The picture above was the view I had while eating my breakfast as we pulled into port.  The area that the […]

Corfu Greece

Corfu is a beautiful island located off of Greece’s northwest coast and was the third stop on my cruise. My grandpa and I decided not to book an excursion so that we could explore on our own.  I found out before we got to Corfu that the city center was […]

Visiting Athens Greece

During the second full day of the cruise we stopped in Piraeus, Greece where my Grandpa and I boarded a shuttle to go to Athens as part of the Taste of Athens excursion offered through Royal Caribbean.  Our excursion was seven hours long though had I realized that the Parthenon […]

Visiting Kotor Montenegro

On the first day of the cruise we went to Kotor, Montenegro but were not scheduled to arrive there until after 2:00pm which freed up the morning to explore the ship.  Since my sleep schedule was completely off I was up before at sunrise and took some time to walk […]

kotor montenegro

cruising in europe

Cruising in Europe

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure policy here. One day my Grandpa and I were reminiscing about our previous trip to Europe which involved a lot of changing hotels and trains/planes to get from one country to the next.  While we both had an amazing time […]

The Grove in Los Angeles

This post contains one affiliate link. You can read my disclosure policy here.  The Grove in Los Angeles is one of my favorite places to go to shop, eat & see some of my favorite celebrities.  I love The Grove so much that I try to take everyone there when […]

the grove los angeles