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Earlier this week I went to a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a second time.  Well, technically it was my third time to go to the show but my first time I watched the show from the riff raff room so I don’t really count that.  A friend of mine got two guaranteed tickets to a taping as a result of going to a taping of Ellen’s new game show based on her app Heads Up.  The last time I went to her show was in 2012 and I have new things to share!

If you get tickets to the show you will be given directions on where to park and don’t worry you don’t have to pay for parking.  The check in is located on the bottom level of the parking garage.  They do sell snacks and water and they have benches for you to sit on and restrooms to make your waiting more comfortable.  When we checked in my friend suggested we grab the surveys.  I am not sure if surveys were available on my previous visits as I did not know about them.

If you attend a taping of her show I would really encourage you to bring a pen.  You will need a pen if you want to fill out a survey and if you win something that needs to be mailed to you a pen will come in handy to fill out the form.  There were two surveys to fill out.  One survey had a list of recommended songs to be played during commercial breaks and they also wanted to know what songs you want to dance to.  The other survey asked questions like how long have you been a fan of the show?  How has the show changed your life?  Do you know someone who deserves to win a car?  Have you noticed how Ellen will call audience members down to play a game?  I have a feeling the surveys help them chose who to pick.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

In addition to having a pen you will also want to make sure that you have your photo id with you because security will need to see it.  Once you have checked in you will be given a numbered card and when they ask you to you will line up according to your number.  You will then head across the street to her soundstage.  Once inside you will go through security and don’t worry you can bring your phones in just don’t take them out once you are in the studio audience.  You will walk through the Ellen shop on you way to the seats but don’t worry you can shop after the taping.

The Ellen DeGeneres ShowWhile I was walking through her shop which also serves as the riff raff room I saw that all the tv screens had #ImAtEllen and I wanted to take a picture standing next to the sign but I didn’t have time.  And after the taping the tv screens were blank.  There is a picture of Ellen’s famous selfie that she took at the Oscars.  There is a yellow outline where you can put your head and take a selfie with her selfie.  There was a line for that after the taping and I needed to make my way over to The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 premiere so I tried to snap a picture real quick.  Since you can’t take pictures inside the studio audience the riff raff room is a good place to take the pictures.

When you attend a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show you will have a lot of fun.  The warm up guy had us dancing and singing to get us pumped up for the show.  Once the show started Ellen came out to do her monologue.  We had been told that the guest would be Eric Stonestreet and I told my friend I thought it was odd that they did not announce the other guest.  After Ellen’s monologue a man brought out a martini and sat it in front of the chair that the guests sit in.  When the commercial break was over we were surprised with Daniel Craig as her first guest.  Once I saw that 007 was her guest I understood why they brought out the martini.

I really like Daniel Craig so I was ecstatic that he came on the show.  It was his first time on the show and Ellen showed a clip of Daniel meeting the little boy who is a James Bond expert.  This little boy has previously been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and got to meet Daniel at the Spectre premiere.  Daniel told Ellen that he thought she would make an excellent choice for the next 007 and gave her the watch that he wears in the movie.  Next Ellen had Daniel read a letter she wrote in order to try and get her show on television in London.  She is calling this campaign get Elley on the Telly.

On a commercial break a table with PCs was brought out.  I saw the computers and wondering if those were going to be given away.  An audience member was called down and told if she completed an obstacle course in under 45 seconds she would win a $1,000 Best Buy gift card.  Not only did she get her gift card the rest of us were given a $150 Best Buy gift card.  Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family was the next guest and Ellen promised that she would no longer scare him.  A montage was shown remembering all the times that Eric had been scared on her show.  Most of the time people snuck of behind him to startle him.

After Eric the next guest was 10 year piano prodigy Harmony Zhu.  She is so adorable and told Ellen all about her recent trip to Poland.  In addition to being an incredible pianist she is also a chess champion.  When she plays the piano her bird Mozart likes to sit on her music stand and nibble on her sheet music.  Ellen gave Harmony an adorable miniature room for Mozart with a piano that he can play on.  Harmony played a song on the piano and I was impressed by her.  I thought the show would end after Harmony was done playing.  Ellen then announced that she wanted to play a Christmas game and called down another audience member.  She had to answer Christmas related questions and won four items including a new car.  Ellen shared with us during a commercial break that this lady was picked because she really needed a car.  My favorite part of watching her show is seeing how she impacts her viewers lives.

The episodes are taped a day in advance so even though I went to the show on Monday the taping was for Tuesday’s episode.  We were told that they had finished filming Tuesday’s episode but needed to tape a performance and interview with Coldplay that would air on the December 4th episode.  They had Ellen change outfits and Coldplay sang the single from their new album.  Chris Martin and one of the other band members sat down with Ellen for an interview.  Then they performed a second song and we found out that their album will be released on December 4th which is the same date that segment will air.  We also found out that we would get a free copy of their new cd which would be mailed to us once it is released.  Based on the single they sang I am really looking forward to that cd.  Once they finished taping Ellen asked Coldplay if they would sing another song for us and of course they said yes.  Getting to hear one Coldplay song live is great but three songs?  It was like a mini concert and I loved it!

The Ellen S When Coldplay had finished performing we filled out a form with our mailing address so that they can send us the cd. Then we left and when we walked through the Ellen Shop I saw Ari who Ellen does segments with on her show sometimes.  He is really nice and seemed very happy to take pictures with people while he rang up their purchases.  There are a lot of options of keepsakes to purchase to remember your time at her show.  I chose to leave to get to the premiere so I didn’t stay for pictures and shopping but if you have time I would encourage you to make the most of it.

Do you want to attend a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show?  You will need to visit the website for the show.  Tickets are given out for a week at a time sometimes two weeks at a time.  You will need to fill out the form but please note that filling out the ticket request form does not mean you will be going to the show.  If they have space you will be called by a member of Ellen’s team and told if you have guaranteed or standby tickets.  If you do not hear from them more than a week before your requested date you will want to start the process over again.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get tickets right away.  It is a popular show and a lot of people want tickets.

My first time to the show I was in the riff raff room.  Little did I know that by being in the riff raff room I would be entered in a drawing to win tickets to the 12 Days of Giveaways show.  To read about that experience click here: Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways

To request tickets click here:

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