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Trumbo Screening with Q&A

As Hollywood prepares to get ready for award season more and more great movies are being released.  It is also a great time of the year to see these movies at various screening series with q&a’s after with actors, screenwriters and directors.  Last week I attended a free screening of the movie Trumbo which was […]


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Mean Girls 10th Anniversary

In May 2014 I had an experience that was so fetch! My friend and I attended a 10th anniversary of the movie Mean Girls.   Mean Girls has become one of the most quoted movies among my generation and even though I didn’t like it at first the movie has grown on me.  The movie screening […]


Review of the movie Pan

I first saw a preview for Pan when I saw Annie in theaters back in December and my first thought was “seriously, another movie about Peter Pan?” With today’s media already saturated with plenty of other spinoffs like the Disney animated classic Peter Pan, Hook, a live action Peter Pan in 2003 and Finding Neverland, […]

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Review of the movie Max

I was not sure what to expect from the movie Max.  All that I knew prior to my advanced screening was that it was the story of a military dog.  I want to start off by saying that this movie is a great choice for the whole family.  From young to old this movie can […]