DIY Football Signs for Game Day

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Football is a big deal in my family. From my Grandparents, to my parents, to my sister and I we all have our own teams that we root for passionately. Since football season is in full swing my family has set out team gear in the living room. When a football game is on TV that takes precedence in my family’s house.
My family and I have good call/bad call signs that we love to use when watching a a football game. My goal is to inspire you to create a DIY football sign for game day.


It may come as no shock to you that my family tends to get involved when watching a game. When you watch a football game in person it can be easy to be involved. If you hear the crowd yelling something your natural instinct might be to join in with them. Even when we are watching a game from the comfort of our home we tend to yell at the referees. When something unpredictable happens we go crazy. I think that cheering for a team is one of the most appealing aspects of watching football.

I don’t know about you but I don’t do my best cheering on an empty stomach. A lot of people have foods that they consider game day essentials. I normally don’t have a go to snack that I have to have while I watch a game. However, I love themed snacks! I was thrilled when I found out that SNICKERS® came out with football themed bars. No the SNICKERS® aren’t shaped like footballs. The packaging has various football related terms like “offsides” and “fumbly.” I love that this tasty snack can serve as both a treat and decoration at the same time.

I found the football themed SNICKERS® bars at my local CVS. For me CVS is a one stop shop when it comes to getting prepared for celebrating game day. If you don’t see them in the candy aisle be sure to take a look below the cash register. That is where I found them at the store I visited. In addition to picking up the football themed bars I also grabbed a few SNICKERS® Crisper Bars to try out. If you haven’t tried the Crisper Bars I highly recommend them. My Dad and I liked them a lot.

Is this post making you hungry for some SNICKERS®? Click here for a digital coupon to help you save money when you buy some at CVS.

When I was in high school my family attended a football game where we were given signs. One side said “Good Call” and the other side said “Bad Call”. We had so much fun holding up the signs to express how we felt about what we were seeing. After that we brought out the signs on every game day. They even traveled with us to other peoples houses. It turned out our friends loved using the signs too.

As of now I don’t know what happened to our old signs. Then I realized it’s okay if I can’t find the old ones. I have fallen in love with DIY projects and decided to make my own “good call” “bad call” signs. One of the main things I love about this project is that you can personalize the sign to fit your tastes. Maybe you want your favorite team name and logo on your sign.

What you need to make a DIY football sign for Game Day:
2 Sheets of Paper – Any color or design
Sheer Paper – This is an optional item. For my sign the sheer paper helped make the words more visible.
Stickers or a Marker to Write on the Signs
Paint Stick – To be used as a handle
Glue and/or Tape
Spray Paint – This is optional

*I added a few football die cuts to my signs which I really liked.

I took cardboard left over from something I bought at the grocery store to serve as the foundation for my sign. Then I spray painted a paint stick which I used as a handle. Once I attached the stick to the cardboard using tape, I was ready to add the grass paper.

Using glue I attached the paper to the card board. I folded the excess paper over the sides. Then I cut a second sheet of grass paper to fit perfectly on the other side. I then used clear double sided tape to attach a sheer paper that I laid over the grass paper. I cut the sheer paper so that it wouldn’t cover the whole sign. Then I added gold stickers to spell out “Good Call” on one side and “Bad Call” on the other. I wanted to add a little something extra so I added one football themed die cut to each side of the sign.

The signs are a lot of fun to use when you are watching any game. They are even more fun when your team plays a family or friends team. My Dad and my Grandpa love rival teams. So my Dad might hold up “Good Call” while my Grandpa is holding up “Bad Call”. A lot of laughs and good times can be had with these signs.

Interested in checking out more football related ideas? Click here for some inspiration.

I love watching football because it is a way for me to spend some quality time with family. What do you love about football? I’d love for you to share any fun football stories with me in the comment section below.

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39 thoughts on “DIY Football Signs for Game Day

  • Cristina

    Oh my gosh I love this idea – so cute! My boyfriend’s family is always watching football, so they would get a kick out of this!

  • Tiffany Khyla

    These are so fun! I went to a college game at my Alma mater for the first time in two years and had a blast!

  • Ana De- Jesus

    First of all Snickers is one of the best choccy’s ever. Secondly these football sighs are so good, I can’t believe that they are homemade!

  • Terri Beavers

    Those signs are really creative and unique, I’m sure I’d have a blast making them. We keep Snickers on hand but I haven’t seen the football themed ones yet.

  • Amber Myers

    These are great signs! We don’t watch football though. But I know people who do so I’ll pass this onto them.

  • Laura

    These are a fun idea. I like the idea of theming things for your celebration.

  • Christine Tatum

    The signs are are adorable. What a fun way to spend the day with family. I didn’t know about the snickers – I will have to pick some up for game day. How fun!

  • Liz Mays

    I love how this would make for some fun “arguments” and laughs about the refs. What a cute idea!

  • Echo

    Aww, I bet these signs made the game a little more fun! We always love Snickers, lol. I have a jar of them in my kitchen!

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    I love football, but I do not watch it like I once did. IO get too worked up and in it. SO, to save my sanity and the sanity of my loved ones, I stopped watching it. Regardless, I think these signs are awesome and a fun way to get in on the action:)

  • tauyanm

    I admit I can’t relate to football games like this but those signs are amazing and love the gold colours.

  • Chelley

    These are so cute! I feel like my father in law and I need these to hold up to avoid yelling at the TV while the kids are around!

  • Terry

    Ha!!! Neat signs, but my family would probably hit each other with them when the rival team made a score.

  • maria closetohome

    This would make it so much quieter at our game watching days. I might want to bring these to our kids LAX tournaments too.

  • Elizabeth O

    What a cool concept. I love the creative effort you put into making the signs too.

  • Elizabeth O

    What a cool concept. I love the creative process and effort you made to create the signs. They are great.