McWay Falls

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McWay Falls

McWay Falls is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur, California.  I had seen pictures of this waterfall on pinterest but I had no idea that it was in Big Sur until one of my Facebook friends posted a picture saying that she took it at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Beach.  My Mom and I were planning a trip to the Monterey area when I saw my friends picture so I asked if we would could include this in our itinerary.  Finding McWay Falls turned out to be quite the adventure because I didn’t know at the time that the waterfall was known as McWay Falls.  I had googled Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Beach which did not bring us to this lovely spot.  We ended up at a beach 12 miles north of this destination which was nice but not what we were looking for.  If you are going to Big Sur from Carmel just keep driving on highway one until you get to a sign for Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

McWay Falls

When you get to the state park you can find parking on the side of the road.  You can walk down to a wooden bridge to get some lovely views of this beautiful spot.  The waterfall is not visible from the road but if you follow the trail you will find it shortly.  There is no access to the beach which is for your safety but it is good to know upfront.  I feel so blessed to get to live in California which has the most beautiful coast.  Big Sur is a stunning place to visit with breathtaking scenery.  With the mountains on one side of you and the ocean on the other you are surrounded by nature.  Warning you will not have very much cell reception while in Big Sur.  I think it is great to unplug and fully live in the moment without technology but it is good to know upfront to not visit here while awaiting an important phone call.

mcway fallsOther than taking pictures and sitting on a bench to enjoy the view there is not much else to do by the water fall.  However, this area is fantastic for hiking so the falls could be a stop on your way to your hiking destination.  Make sure to fill up on gas before getting to Big Sur.  They do have gas stations throughout highway one but they are more expensive than ones in Monterey.  We spent around thirty minutes here which didn’t feel rushed but I also felt like I had the experience I wanted.    When I lived in Monterey area I visited 17 Mile Drive several times and love the views there but it was nice to see a new one.  My Mom and I had a great time driving down Highway One in Big Sur stopping multiple times to take pictures.  It was such a gorgeous day which made the pictures turn out even better.  The last time I took a drive with some friends in this area it was overcast so the weather on this day was a big blessing.

Have you ever been to Big Sur?  If so what recommendations do you have?

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18 thoughts on “McWay Falls

  • Jessica

    Big Sur looks goregous! I am already starting to plan our spring break vacation for next year and I am going to add this to the list to consider.

  • Elizabeth O.

    That’s a very nice view right there. It’s definitely worth the journey. It makes for a good quality time with your loved ones! So breathtaking!

  • Denay DeGuzman

    I’m a California girl too and I love Monterey, Carmel, gorgeous 17-Mile Drive and Big Sur. Your beautiful photos have inspired me to plan another road trip down the California coast this spring. And you’re absolutely right – we’re so incredibly blessed to live in a state with such stunning natural beauty. :-)

  • Czjai

    I’m not too keen about hiking, but if this is the destination, I guess it’s worth the hike! The sight is absolutely breathtaking!

  • Ronnie

    WOW! Stunning view. Wish I had been there too to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. It will have to be on my bucket list.

  • Up Run For Life

    I haven’t been to California. This spot looks like a great place to explore. I miss going camping and traveling.

  • Lisa Rios

    McWay Falls looks like a wonderful place to visit, very particularly for adventure loving people like my husband. I love that it is an ideal place for Hiking as well, would love visiting Big Sur sometime.

  • CourtneyLynne

    Omg what a breathtaking spot!!!! Then again I think the whole date is just beautiful