On Campus Jobs

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A lot of students need a job while they are in college. My freshman year of college I worked off campus which was fine since I had a car. However, when I didn’t have a car other years on campus jobs were a big help. Not only is the location convenient but the hours of on campus jobs are normally great for students.


Working at the on campus bookstore has its advantages. You get a discount on books and other items sold in the store. The bookstore typically is not open very late so your hours shouldn’t be too bad. Sometimes they hire temporary employees at the beginning and the end of the semester. I worked at the bookstore for three weeks when they needed extra help at the start of the semester.


Your duties as a teaching assistant can vary from helping the students, grading papers and possibly even doing some teaching. I think working as a TA has several advantages including good and reasonable hours. Most of the time only junior and seniors are able to work as a TA so check the requirements of your school.


If you are a great student working as a tutor can be a wonderful way to make some money. For those who want to become a teacher working as a tutor is good practice. Several of my friends got jobs tutoring students at the library. This is another job with reasonable and good hours.

Note Taker

During my second year in college one of my teachers mentioned that two students needed a note taker. The pay was $25 per student for the semester. That is not much money but considering I had to take notes for myself anyways it was great. It also helped me retain the information I learned in class. I would copy by hand my notes for one student. Then I would email the other student my notes. If you can be a note taker for multiple classes it is even better. You might as well get paid for something you have to do anyways.

Tour Guide

This is one of the on campus jobs that I would have loved! However, it never worked out for me to be a campus tour guide. If you like talking and walking around campus this is the perfect way to do so. Campus tours never happen late at night so this is a good job option if you want to be free in the evening.

Of course there are plenty of other jobs to be found on a college campus. You can become an RA but I think there are more cons than pros to that job. The schools website is a great starting place when looking for an on campus job. Be sure to get a jump start on the applications by submitting them before school starts.

What on campus jobs do you recommend?

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14 thoughts on “On Campus Jobs

  • Rachel Ritlop

    Great post! People forget how many on campus jobs there are! I had quite a few friends that were note takers which is awesome.

  • Mckenna Bleu

    College students have hard time finding jobs sometimes but most of the times they are looking in the wrong places and not jobs they could do within the university! This is a helpful post!

  • Bella

    Such a great list of job, I was only an hour away from school so I just kept my job I got in the summer! but this is a great list for people living on campus.


  • Tori

    My grand little tutors athletes and makes so much money at our school!

  • Sydney

    I love on campus jobs!! I don;t have a car and live on res so it is a life saver for me. I worked in our campus call centre to call Alumni and tell them about the free benefits they get and this year I will be working with the Media promotion for my school! So excited!


  • Sierra Berry

    This is the perfect post for college students because getting a job off campus can could be stressful. I remember when I use to work retail and all the students would complain because our boss would ignore their request to take days off for a test.

    Sierra Berry ♥ @itsberrystylish

  • Teresa

    Awesome post! There are so many great jobs you can find on campus if you do a little research. I spent some time as a TA while I was studying!

  • Seersucker Sass

    I had a work study job on campus, and I really enjoyed it! I helped in the social work office as support for the admins and Masters programs professors.