DIY Disney Bag from Park Maps

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Last year when I started my Disney personal shopping business I wanted to think of a cute way to give small items to my clients. I decided to toy around with some park maps and see if I could create a bag. After a few trials & errors I ended up with a bag that I was very proud of. My Mom and I ended up taking the bags with us to Mickey’s Halloween Party last year. The bags were perfect for trick or treating & we got a lot of compliments on them.

I thought it would be fun to share a step by step tutorial of how you can make a diy Disney bag from park maps too. You are not limited to just using Disney park maps but for me that was the right choice. Once you figure out what type of map/paper you want to use for the bag you can gather your other supplies. You’ll need Mod Podge, an X-ACTO Knife,scissors, cardboard, and ribbon.

If you don’t have mod podge you can use regular glue or double sided tape. You will not need much cardboard so I would use a small box like one that holds granola bars. How much ribbon you will need depends on how long you want the handles of your bag to be.


The first step is to make a fold towards the bottom of the map. The part of the map that you fold will form the bottom of the bag. When I use a Disneyland Park map I make the fold under the spot that says Main Street U.S.A.

Next, make a small cut on each end of the map as shown in the picture above. The ends of the map will serve as the side of the bag. The cut helps make things easier later on.

I like to use a small piece of cardboard to help make a sturdy spot for the bag handles. I like to go ahead and make the holes for the ribbon at this point.

Once you have finished adding the cardboard you will want to grab a second map and make the same fold & cut. You will then attach the maps to each other so that you have a double sided map. This helps make the bags sturdier.  Take another piece of cardboard to put in between the folds on the bottom. The cardboard needs to be the width of two folds.
Once the cardboard has been attached to the bottom you want to repeat the original steps to make the other side of the bag.

Once the bottoms of the map have been glued to the cardboard you will want to glue the sides together. A helpful hint is to put the bottom folds from the side in between the two layers of the bottom folds. This way the cardboard in the bottom is fully covered.

The last step is to thread the ribbon through the holes you made earlier. Be sure to tie a knot on the inside of the bag to keep the handles in place.

Let me know if you have any questions about making the bags.

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