Eating at Wahlbugers Las Vegas

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What is Wahlburgers?

Have you ever watched Wahlburgers on AMC? Actor Mark Wahlberg and other members of his family have started a family restaurant called Wahlburgers. In addition to the restaurant they have a reality show with the same name. The show gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the restaurant and the entertaining family that created it. The show is funny and worth watching when it is on TV. It is awesome that Wahlburgers in Las Vegas is in a great spot on the strip.

wahlbugers in las vegas

When I was walking in front of the Bellagio I saw the Wahlbugers sign across the street. Since I’ve watched the show I was anxious to check it out. Even though I’ve watched the show I never noticed that it is a sit down restaurant. It was a surprise to me when I walked inside and was told that it would be a thirty minute wait. My friend and I had tickets to Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin habitat so we were on a time crunch. The bar is open seating so we only waited a few minutes for two seats to open up.

wahlburgers las vegas

Wahlburgers is a laid back restaurant that is perfect for those who want a sit down experience without paying too much. However, it is not necessarily a cheap place. Compared to some Vegas restaurants where you can easily spend over $50 per person this is affordable. It all depends on what you order. If you’re looking for a great burger and fries In-N-Out, Bobby’s Burger Palace or The Shake Shack might be the best options for your budget. If you’re a fan of Mark or Donnie or you’ve watched the show it’s fun to stop here for a bite.

The Menu at Wahlburgers in Las Vegas

While the burgers are the main focus there are a nice variety of items on the menu. One of the unique things about the Wahlburgers menu is that you can have any burger or sandwich in the form of a salad. Do you see Alma’s Classic Macaroni on the menu? Alma is the Mother of Mark and his brothers.

I ordered the melt which is a burger inside of a grilled cheese. The melt has a great taste. I love eating a grilled cheese and burgers so having a combination of both was awesome. If you want fries or anything else with your meal you have to order it separately. This is where the meal can start to add up. If you take a family of four there is no need for everyone to order their own side item. The portion size of the fries is enough that you could share with one person. By ordering water I was able to save and since they gave it to me in a disposable cup I was able to take it with me.

During our meal a photographer came by to take our picture. They will give you a post card copy that has a tiny version of your picture on it. For $10 you can buy two copies of the picture in a 5×7 size. This is the cheapest the pictures go. If you want the frame it gets even more expensive. They use a very nice camera. My friend and I were very impressed by how well the picture turned out. However, I didn’t think that it was worth $10 for two pictures. Not after a meal that was almost $25 for a burger & fries.

Is Wahlbugers in Las Vegas Worth Visiting?

Yes and no. I did enjoy eating there but I thought it was very over priced. There are several great places to eat in Las Vegas that cost much less. For the same price as what I spent at Wahlburgers you could eat at a nicer restaurant or even a buffet. Las Vegas is full of fabulous places to eat at. If you are a fan of the show who has been wanting to check it out then yes it is worth eating here. For those who are not familiar with the show and/or are not fans of the Wahlberg family I recommend going somewhere else. The food is good but I know there are so many better places to eat at in this area.

Have you ever been to Wahlburgers? If so, what did you order?

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