Yamashiro Hollywood

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Yamashiro Hollywood is a fabulous restaurant that sits just above Hollywood Boulevard and provides incredible views of Los Angeles.  If you are looking to have a nice meal & a special evening in Hollywood this is a place for you to check out.  Whether you are enjoying a vacation or looking to eat before seeing a show at the Pantages or the Hollywood Bowl Yamashiro is a great choice.  My parents had previously been to Yamashiro but I was really excited to get to experience it for myself during their visit.

Yamashiro Hollywood has an old Hollywood feel that I love and it is a nice escape above a busy city.  The restaurant opens at 5:30pm and I made a reservation at that time so that it would still be light out when we arrived.  There were two other reasons that I wanted the earliest possible reservation.  Being sat when they open means you can request a table by the window to enjoy the spectacular view and it isn’t too crowded at that time so you can really enjoy the experience.  We arrived around 5:15pm and gave the car keys to the valet.  Their website states that valet parking for $9 is required.  

Before we went inside we took some time taking pictures of the views which included the Hollywood Sign and downtown Los Angeles.  There is a little garden in front of the restaurant which was very relaxing to sit in while enjoying the views.  I have been blessed with eating at some great restaurants in the Hollywood area but none of them compare to Yamashiro.  I would have been happy to go there for the views alone and little did I know that the food would be equally as good.

Yamashiro was built in 1914 and if you look closely you might recognize it from some movies you have seen like Memoirs of a Geisha.  I chose to request a table by the window so that I could soak in the views of the city.  However, you can also get a table in the middle of the restaurant which is an open air area with a garden in the middle.  This would be a really beautiful spot to sit in once it is dark as you would be dining under the stars.

We started out our evening by ordering a salmon roll, crab cakes and crunchy sushi which was one of their house rolls.  All three options were incredibly delicious though the crunchy sushi was my favorite!  I was surprised that I enjoyed the crab cake because I don’t like crab but it was so tasty that just thinking about it is making me hungry.  My mom and I split an entree and the appetizers were shared between both of my parents and myself which worked out really well.  If you are looking for a light appetizer I would highly recommend the crab cakes.  And of course you should order some sushi as long as you like it.

Image-1-3For our entree my mom and I split the filet mignon which came with a twice baked potato and brocolini.  The filet was very good as was the baked potato though I will admit I did enjoy the crunchy sushi most of all.  I think in the future the sushi will serve as my entree.  My dad order the yuzu-avocado prawns and scallops which he enjoyed but in the future he would order something else.  While the prawns and scallops are good it is a very simple meal.  They have great options on the menu so you are bound to pick something fantastic.


Of course they save the best for last and as a dessert connoisseur I can say without a doubt that they do not disappoint.  It was difficult to make decisions on what to order because we were so full but luckily since it was still early there was no rush so we let our food settle.  We decided on banana crepes and a s’mores fudge brownie.  I didn’t try the crepes which I regret now but the brownie filled me up after a few bites.  The brownie tasted like a melted chocolate bar and had a mashmellow on top.  The ice cream had a graham cracker flavor which was the cherry on top of an already fantastic dessert.  The crepe options change so they may not always have a banana option but you cannot go wrong with the s’mores fudge brownie if you are a chocolate lover.

Yamashiro is located close to the Hollywood Bowl and they offer a dine and ride option.  For $69 you can leave your car at Yamashiro, order off a special menu while eating at Yamashiro and then take a shuttle to and from the Hollywood Bowl.  Considering that parking at the Hollywood Bowl can be $25 and a nightmare to get out of after a show this is a really great option.  If you are celebrating an anniversary or a birthday or are just looking for a fun night I can not think of a place I would recommend more than Yamashiro.  My tips are to try and avoid going on a weekend and to make an early reservation especially if you have somewhere to be afterwards like a show.

If you are planning on visiting Hollywood to see the sights like the TCL Chinese Theatre, the Roosevelt Hotel, or the Walk of Fame Yamashiro would be a great place to end your day.  Not only are the views incredible and the food delicious but you will get a unique Hollywood experience. You can tell your family and friends that you dined at one of Hollywood’s most special restaurants.   While they do not have a dress code I would encourage you to dress nicer than you would if you are eating at In N Out.  If you did not know about Yamashiro before reading this I hope that this will help you out if you decide to go there.

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