Nike+ Run Club Event with Gina Rodriguez & Carmelita Jeter

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Over the weekend I attended an event with the Nike+ Run Club in Los Angeles. I’m not a runner but I do love to take walks. When I found out that Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane on Jane the Virgin, & Carmelita Jeter would be leading the event I really wanted to attend. Both Gina & Carmelita shared the link on social media where anyone could sign up to attend for free.

I didn’t really know what I was getting into but the chance to exercise with one of my favorite actresses sounded great to me. The check in location for the event was at The Container Yard in the arts district of downtown Los Angeles. I was able to find street parking close by for 50¢ an hour which was is a rare find. If you ever need to go to this spot look for street parking at 4th & Alameda.

When I was in line to check in I noticed that the majority of the people already knew each other. They attend the Nike+ Run Club events regularly and are like a little family. Inside the container yard we were given t-shirts and the opportunity to check any items we didn’t want to run with. I wore my flip belt around my waist which holds my keys, money & my phone. I highly recommend the flip belt.

The Container Yard is a great space for events. The colorful designs make for some awesome backgrounds for pictures. Before we began our three mile run (walk for me) we were led in some stretches. Next Gina & Carmelita were brought on stage for a q&a. At first they asked quick questions like chocolate or vanilla? It was so fun to listen to Gina’s responses because she is so animated & hilarious. If you would like to see the first part of the q&a please click here.

After the quick fire q&a Gina spoke about why exercising is so important to her. She mentioned that due to a thyroid issue her weight fluctuates. Running and exercising helps her feel strong and knowing that she has a journey to continue getting healthier but loving who she is today. If you don’t know that much about Gina she is a Golden Globe winner who is an inspiration on & off the screen. Just a quick look at her social media feed can show you what an encouragement she is to so many.

Carmelita shared a quick story about running even when her leg was in pain. She spoke about pushing herself to finish and she came in third. When she got to the podium they had to help her up because she could barely walk on her leg. She was encouraged all of us to have goals and to smash them. Carmelita is a three time Olympic medalist who is a great motivator.

img_7152After they spoke we were split up into groups. When we checked in they asked for our pace times. Since my friend and I are not runners we picked the slowest pace. As we started our run coaches as well as Carmelita & Gina were there to high five and encourage us. It didn’t take very long for my run to turn into a walk but that was completely fine.

This bridge was on the first mile of our run

My friend and I stopped a few times to take pictures and enjoy our morning. Every so often we would see someone from Nike encouraging us to keep on going. Before I knew it we had completed our three miles and were back where we started. We were given cold water, pressed juice and some delicious power bars.

img_7161I was so happy to get a chance to speak to Gina before & after the run. I made sure to mention how much I love her show. She let me know that she appreciates her fans which was very obvious to me. I cannot say enough good things about her. What a talented and special lady.


I also got to meet & say a quick word to Carmelita Jeter.

If you like running and have a Nike+ Run Club in your area I encourage you to join. This is a great way to train for a race or just work on getting/staying in shape.

If you want to find out about events like this make sure to connect with me on twitter.

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