How to Get Tickets to Fuller House Tapings & What to Expect

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Is it true that you can get free tickets to a taping of Fuller House? You got it dude! Starting in March the third season of Fuller House will begin taping at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, California. You can get Fuller House tickets through a company called audiences unlimited. They also give out tickets for shows like The Big Bang Theory. Tickets for shows are posted Monday through Friday between 8am and 8:30am pst. Fuller House tickets tend to run out within 5 to 20 minutes of being released. Tickets are posted thirty days before the show is set to tape. At the bottom of the post I have listed the dates of upcoming tapings as well as the date that the tickets should be made available.

Fuller House Tapings Here’s some helpful information that I have learned from getting Fuller House tickets myself. When you go to the website you can click on the 30 day schedule and then click on any show to pull up an order form. The order form is the one you want to keep refreshing on your screen between 8am to 8:30am. On occasion tickets will be posted late so don’t freak out if 8:30 comes and still no tickets are posted. Sometimes the tickets don’t get put up until 9am. When the tickets finally become available in the dropbox this is the quickest way to get them.

For popular shows like Fuller House saving a couple seconds can make it possible to get tickets for your whole party. Please note that you can only request one ticket at a time. If you do not have the contact information for all members of your group put your own address and email in the boxes. I have since learned that it is not required to provide your contact information but I would encourage you to do so because if taping times change you will be notified.

It is best to know ahead of time who you plan to bring with you because you will need to put their name on the ticket. However, in the faq section of the audiences unlimited website it does say that you can email them about changing the name. Just make sure to reach out to them about changing a name more than 24 hours before your taping date. Once your request has been processed you will see your ticket for the taping. If you are on your computer go ahead and print it out. If you are unable to print out the tickets it is not the end of the world. They keep a list of all of the people who got tickets. If you are over 18 years of age they will want to see a valid photo id when you check in.

Parking is free at the address listed on the tickets. The waiting area has benches, restrooms, vending machines. You will be waiting inside the parking structure so you won’t be out in the sun. If possible I highly encourage bringing snacks and something to entertain yourself.

How early should you plan on being there? It is completely up to you but the tickets state that having a ticket does not guarantee that you will get in. You are admitted on a first come first serve basis. Priority ticket holders and invited guests of the cast are let in to the taping first followed by general ticket holders. The earlier you get there the better chance of you have of making sure that you get in.

This does mean that you could spend the majority of your day waiting in a parking garage. Unless you have priority or VIP tickets you will need to arrive early. Last season people began lining up as early as 6am. I’m not saying that you should necessarily get there that early though. 11-11:30am would be the latest I would plan on arriving but it is totally up to you. Just remember that you are not guaranteed to get in and it is a first come first served set up with general tickets.

As the tapings get more and more popular fewer fans are able to get in. At some tapings less than 10 fans were let in due to how big the VIP lists were. If you are unable to get into the taping the ticketing company will try to get you tickets to a future taping. However, if you are not local that doesn’t do much to help you. If you are traveling from far away for the taping I would encourage you to arrive as early as you can to help increase your odds of getting in.

When I hear how early people are lining up for season three tapings I will update this post. If you don’t want to get there that early you can always try to win priority tickets from the Audiences Unlimited twitter account. My friends and I have had a lot of luck with this. Now priority tickets still don’t guarantee that you get in but you get to show up later and will be let in after the VIPs and before the general ticket holders.

Unfortunately, cellphones and cameras are not allowed inside the taping. It is strongly encouraged by the audiences unlimited team for you to leave your phone in your car. However, for those who do not drive to the taping they will hold on to your phone and id for you during the taping. They search your bags twice and make you walk through two metal detectors so there is no way to try to sneak one in.  For some reason they no longer allow fans to bring Full House or Fuller House dvds or cast pictures inside the soundstage to try and get autographs. I was able to get two autographs but only on plain notebook paper. Always try & come prepared with something for them to sign and make sure to have a sharpie or a pen. Once the taping ends make your way to the front row to try and meet the cast.

Speaking of coming prepared it can get cold on sound stages since they want to try to keep the actors and equipment cool from the hot lights so it is recommended that you bring a jacket. Also bring snacks because you will get hungry even if you eat a big meal before hand. They do give you half a sandwich and a small water bottle which is better than nothing but still isn’t filling.

How long do the tapings last? 5 hours is pretty standard though one episode I watched last for seven hours. You are expected to stay the entire time so please don’t go to the taping if you have other plans that same night. The audience warm up guy talks throughout the taping when they aren’t filming to keep everyone entertained. He can be really annoying but he gives out gift cards and sometimes autographed items so it can be worth it to listen to him.
fuller house tickets

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I went to two tapings during the first season of Fuller House. The very first taping I went to had to be rescheduled so if you plan on flying in for the taping please know there is a chance it can be rescheduled. It was around 3:00pm when I finally got to take a seat in the soundstage and I could hardly believe that I was about to watch a taping of Fuller House. I grew up watching Full House and it has been my favorite show for so many years and I would have never imagined that I would get the chance to come and see the first taping of its spin off show.

If you are looking for some food close to Warner Bros. after the taping I highly recommend Bob’s Big Boy which is less than three minutes from the studios. If you get to go to a Fuller House taping I hope it is a dream come true like it was for me. If you have any questions about the taping or getting tickets please ask them below and I will answer as quickly as possible.

Get your tickets here.

Season 3 Taping Dates:

March 16th – Tickets are no longer available

March 24th – Tickets are no longer available

March 31st – Tickets are no longer available

April 13th – Tickets are no longer available

April 21st – Tickets available March 22nd

April 28th – Tickets available March 29th

May 12 – Tickets available April 12th

May 19 – Tickets available April 19th

May 25 – Tickets available April 25th

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105 thoughts on “How to Get Tickets to Fuller House Tapings & What to Expect

  • Ryan

    Great post! Sounds like an amazing experience! You wouldn’t happen to know where I could get a couple extra tix for the 8/20 taping, do you? I’m wanting to fly out and attend, and that is the only date that works. I’m so sad I missed them when they were first released. :(
    Also, did I read that you were a Disney CM? I was for 3 years in FL. Thanks again for the post. Loved reading about the return of F.H.!!

  • Elle Post author

    The only way to get tickets is if there is a large number of cancelations and they reopen the tickets on the website. I would encourage you to email or call them to see if they can notify you if tickets become available. But it is a big uncertainty since the tickets have already been released and I wouldn’t want you to fly out for nothing. You can email them at or call them at 818.260.0041 and hopefully they can try and help you. I wish I could help you with tickets but I don’t know of anyone with extra tickets but if I find out I’ll let you know. Good luck! And yes I was a Disney CM, I worked at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. At Disneyland I worked on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, at World of Disney and eventually worked in Guest Relations where I became a tour guide before leaving the company. At Walt Disney World I worked on the Living With the Land boat ride at Epcot. Where did you work at?

  • Ryan

    OK, cool. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks for the info. I worked in entertainment and was global (all four FL parks). Good times! That’s awesome you worked your way up to Guest Relations. Some very cool experiences, I’m sure. Thanks again for the reply!

  • Eileen Brady

    Thanks for the great post!! Very informative. So if we have multiple people attending the taping, would you recommend having each person log on and purchase the tickets so each person assuredly gets one? And also, it is 30 days before, not a month, correct? So if I’m looking to purchase tickets for the September 11 taping they will go on sale on August 12?

  • Elle Post author

    Hi! If you have multiple people going it is possible for one person to try and get all of the tickets back to back. I have been able to get up to three tickets at a time and probably could have gotten more because I am familiar with the process. If you are looking to get more than five tickets I would recommend having everyone try to get their own. And yes it is 30 days before, not a month so the Sept 11th tickets should be available on august 12th. Just make sure whoever gets the tickets is on the order page ready to go anytime 8:00-8:30am & it should work out great! Good luck!

  • Eileen Brady

    Ok, fantastic! Thank you. And if you have multiple people going and get there early enough, will your party most likely be able to sit together?

  • Elle Post author

    Yes I would say if you get there early enough there should be no problem in sitting together

  • Anonymous

    Love this blog! Every time I check the website it says sold out! How do you get tickets? I went on the website and it always says sold out! How did you get tickets?!?! Thanks great article

  • Elle Post author

    At the bottom of the post I list the dates of the upcoming tapings & the dates that the tickets should be made available. Tickets are released between 8am-830am exactly 30 days before the show tapes. Tickets go very fast because it is a popular show so unless you are on the website ready to get tickets between 8am-830am pst exactly 30 days before an upcoming taping date you will always see it being sold out because tickets are released on a first come first serve basis. I hope that answers your questions & I hope it works out for you to get tickets because i think you’ll love it.

  • Me

    When you say “familiar set” do you mean that the spinoff is set in the same house as the original?!

  • Me

    When you say “familiar set” do you mean that the spinoff takes place in the same house as the original?

  • Diana

    thanks for posting this, it’s super helpful! I have tickets to the taping next week! How were your seats for the taping? And do you know approx. how many people get into the audience for the taping?

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Diana,
    I’m so excited that you have tickets for next weeks show because I think you will love it!! The first time I went to the taping I had seats in the fourth row towards the center and I went again yesterday and was in the fourth row on the far right. The view was a bit better the first time but you don’t have control over where they seat you and I figure as long as I can be watching the taping any seat is a good seat. Typically though the earlier you get there the better seat you will get though the best seats are given to the VIP guests. How many general ticket holders get in depends on how big the VIP list is. When I was at the first taping everyone got in to my knowledge. However, I had a friend go the second week and the VIP list was so huge that only 25 people got in from the general ticket line. It stinks to have to wait for so many hours when you get there early but it would stink even more to show up closer to the start time and not get in. I hope that answers your questions and I hope you make it in and have and awesome time.

  • Diana

    thanks so much! oh and I just thought of a couple more questions, when waiting in line, are you standing the whole time? or are there any chairs to sit on? and what time do you recommend I get there? my taping is at 4:00!

  • Elle Post author

    there are benches to sit on and it is in a covered area. i would say at least arrive by 11am-11:30am at the latest and that should be good enough to get in though there is no guarantee. even though it stinks to spend your whole day waiting better to do that then show up later and not get in.

  • Sasha Michael

    Under the September dates you forgot the September 11 filming. Tickets are no longer available but I just thought you may want to add it. Great post! :)

  • Elle Post author

    Thank you so much for pointing that out I somehow missed that one.

  • Eileen Brady

    It’s me again! Thanks to your fantastic post, I will be attending the filming this Friday and I’m SO EXCITED!! I was wondering if you could answer a few last minute questions about the experience.
    -We will be staying at a hotel and are also planning on arriving extremely early so we will have our phones with us in line. Will there assuredly be a place to put our phones during the filming?
    -Is there a place with a “fuller house” sign to get a picture in front of (like outside of the door/stage where it’s filmed)? Before the metal detectors preferably so that I’ll still have my phone to take a picture. Or if there isn’t a fuller house sign, is there a cool Warner brothers sign?
    -I know the cast wasn’t signing autographs during your filming, but have you heard of them signing them other times?
    Thank you so much in advance and thanks again for this post; it was incredibly helpful!!!

  • Elle Post author

    Hello again! There is a small Fuller House sign in the waiting area before you go through the metal detectors so you can take a picture. And yes there is 100% for sure a place to leave your phone. Before you go inside the soundstage they will take your phone and put your id with it to make it easy for you to get it back. And the Candace, Jodie and Andrea have been signing things for fans after the recent tapings but you have to be very quick about it because the audience workers try to make you leave asap. I hope you have an awesome time.

  • A

    Just a quick thanks for posting all of this! It was great to read that I will have a covered place to wait and a recommended arrival time. Much appreciated!

  • Elle Post author

    I’m so excited that you will get to see the show. I hope you have an awesome time.

  • Barbara

    Hi! Thanks so much for this. I just got tickets for in October. By any chance can you tell me if you have to wait in line once you arrive, or do you receive a number and you’re free to move around? Are there bathrooms available and do you lose your spot if you go? Thanks!

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Barbara, I’m so excited to hear that you have tickets to go in October! I hear the show is getting better and better each episode. You do have to wait in line once you arrive. There are benches to sit on so at least you don’t have to stand the whole time. You will not receive a number until check in begins which will start roughly an hour or so before the show is set to tape. You want to make sure and be there before check in begins and you are free to get up and use the restroom I would just have someone in your party watch your spot. The restrooms are right next to wear you sit so that is very convenient. I hope you have a great time!

  • Jennifer

    Hi! Great post, thank you for sharing! We are going to watch a live show and I’m SO excited! I noticed you got there at 11:30am, do you recommend getting there at that time or earlier? How many people were actually in the audience? Also, do you recommend a certain item for them to sign since you can’t bring a camera/phone in the taping? How did you get those photos if you can’t bring in those items?
    Sorry so many questions…I’m just SO excited!

  • Chelsey Cook

    This has been so helpful! Thank you for your post! We have tickets for the taping on Thursday (October 15th) and made the trek all the way from Canada. A few questions, if you are able to answer:
    1. How many people are in the studio audience?
    2. Is 11:00-11:30 am still your suggested time to arrive at the latest?

  • Elle Post author

    I am so thrilled that you are SO excited!! I would still encourage you to plan on arriving around 11:30am. It is difficult to try and guess how many spots will be saved for VIP guests but 11:30 will should work out just fine. I would say the audience holds around around 100-150 but I could be wrong and it could hold more. I would recommend bringing a dvd of Full House if you have one to have them sign. Candace and Jodie both wrote books but I don’t know if you would want other cast members signing the book. The two photos on my blog were taken before I got to Warner Bros. I hope you have an awesome time.

  • Elle Post author

    Hello! 11-1130 is still my recommended time to arrive unless you have tickets for the last episode of the season which I think is on 11/12. I would guess that there are around 100-150 in the studio audience. I hope you have a great time.

  • Lisa

    I have tickets for the finale taping at 4:00pm. I was planning on arriving at 1pm. You think it should be much earlier? Lisa

  • Elle Post author

    If you don’t want to risk it yes. I know others going that day that are planning on getting there at 9:00am. The later you go the less likely it is that you will get in. Even 11:30-12 should still be ok but it all depends on how much of your day you want to spend there.

  • Robin Masshole Mommy

    How cool. I still haven’t seen this, but one of these days I will binge watch it.

  • Rachel

    That’s so awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to a taping of a comedy show!

  • christina aliperti

    I so wish I had a reason to go to California. I would love to see a live taping of Fuller House. I love the show and it reminds me of my childhood.

  • Elizabeth O.

    It would be nice to be able to watch a taping at least once! What an experience. Thank you for all the tips, it’s really very exciting. I’ll be sure to try to watch a taping if I’m ever in California!

  • Patrice

    I think it would be nice to watch a live taping. I can see the tickets hard to come by. If I was in California I would try. Thanks for informative blog post.

  • Nicole Escat

    Wow that sounds really awesome! Thanks for this post, so informative and helpful.

  • Chelsea L.

    That is what I like most about California so many privileges to visit and see your favorite shows on TV. i hope someday I will be able to experience it as well.

  • LizZ H.

    OHHHH I’m so jealous! I would LOVE to go to a taping of the show <3 That was one of my fav's growing up and I binged the first season on Netflix in like 2-3 days LOL.

  • Agnes Dela Cruz

    I once had an experience to watch a taping of a tv program and yeah cellphones and cameras were prohibited. Seeing in person the artists makes you admire them more.

  • Lawrence

    I am glad you enjoyed the taping. In some ways, Fuller House is better than Full House. I’ve seen both and I like what I have seen with Fuller House.

  • Nisha

    Hi! I have tickets to go to the season 2 premiere and im so excited!! I was wondering when will they tell us if the show does get rescheduled? I’m flying in and I would hate to miss the show due to a rescheduled time :( Thanks again!

  • Elle Post author

    Hi! I am so excited for you that you got tickets to the season 2 premiere. With rescheduling it can be a few days out or the day before. There is not much notice on that.

  • Mhaan A

    Fuller House looks like a great movie to watch. I would love to have a free ticket but I am not in the same country as yours lols.

  • Allison

    Nisha- was it hard to get tickets to the premiere of season 2? It seems like you really have to be waiting on your computer at 8am the day they are available since more people know about this now. I am hoping to go to a taping in July and I’m just trying to do all the research I can to make sure and get tickets!!!

  • Elle Post author

    Allison, you do have to be waiting on your computer at the time they are released. Tickets are gone within 15-30 mins of being released

  • Allison

    Thanks Elle! Your blog is amazing!! So informative and so fun to read! I might contact you again with other questions if I can get tickets!! You’re great!

  • Sheila

    Thank you SO much for telling us how to get Fuller House taping tix! I just got them today for June, but I have a question. My husband didn’t know if I would be able to be on my computer at work so he got all 5 of them, I didn’t know he was going to so I got 5 of them and my son got some. I don’t want to keep others from having tix but I don’t want to risk contacting them and having a big mess and mixup and not being on the list at all. Do you know what I should do? Thank you!

  • Elle Post author

    I am so excited that you got tickets! I hope you have a great time at the taping. I would wait to see if they contact you and if they do just explain that you didn’t realize that they would be getting tickets in addition to you. Honestly, I doubt they’ll contact you about it. I agree that you don’t want a mixup and not be on the list at all.

  • Sheila

    Thank you! I called then and they said they delete duplicate tickets so they already had then taken out. He did read me our names and said we have reservations so yay!

  • Bethany

    Hi! I got tickets to the June 9th taping. It’s a morning taping around 11 and i just got an email saying that check- in is at 930. Have you had experience with a morning taping and if so what is the crowd like? Also, it says that free parking opens up 2 hours ahead of the taping. If I’m there before the two hours is there any street parking around? Thanks!

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Bethany, as far as I know the taping on the 9th is the first to be in the morning. Due to that I really don’t know what to suggest. I do know that for afternoon tapings people arrive as early as 8am and are let in the parking garage with no problem. Other people that I know who are going are planning on arriving between 6 or 7am and will try to park in the parking structure. The only thing I’m thinking might be an issue is the parking garage might not open until 7 or 8am. I wish I had more helpful information. I hope you get in and hope you have a great time.

  • Bethany

    Thanks for the info. We are from WI but staying about coming 60 miles south so trying to figure out traffic and everything. May be an early morning. :/

  • Victoria

    I would love to get into a taping on 8/5/16… My flight doesn’t get into LA till 1pm. Do I not even have a shot of getting in?

  • Elle Post author

    To be honest no you cannot get there that late and get in. I’m sorry but it is true. You would need an earlier flight

  • Nicole

    Hi Elle, thank you for letting us know all this info, greatly appreciate it. You said they rescheduled one of your tapings, was it rescheduled to a date weeks later or only a couple days? I’m buying my flight tickets and trying to figure out how much buffer days I should give just in case. Also can you bring a small bag/purse into the taping? Or is it no bags allowed. Thanks for all the info, I’m so excited to go!

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Nicole, I am so excited that you will be going to a taping. The taping that I went to that was reschedule was changed by one. You can bring in a small purse.

  • Debbie

    Thanks for the tips! I have tickets for an upcoming taping for a 4pm show. If we arrive at the studio by 11am, does that mean we are without our phones from 11am – 8pm or so? Also, would they allow us to bring a book or magazine while waiting?

  • Elle Post author

    You are welcome to have your own while you are waiting in the garage but you will be required to take it back to your car. Service is very poor so unless you need to make phone calls I’d leave it in the car. And based on what I’ve been hearing from recent shows you will want to show up earlier than 11. You can bring a book or magazine while you wait.

  • Brian

    We are going to the taping tomorrow 7/1. Any updates on some of these comments after they went to the show? Curious as to how they went recently and what time they arrived?

  • Elle Post author

    The most recent taping I attended was in May and arrived at 11:30 and barely made it in. A friend went in June and arrived around 9am.

  • Lisa

    Hi Elle, thanks for all this information! We have found it so helpful and have tickets to a taping! Just wondering how long the taping has taken the times you’ve been? We’re getting conflicting information. Thanks!!

  • Elle Post author

    The longest taping I have attend was 7 hours but they are typically around 5. I’m so excited that you got tickets! Hope you have a blast.

  • Elle Post author

    Hello! The longest taping i’ve attended has been 7 hours. A typical taping is 5 hours

  • Lisa

    Thanks so much for the reply! That’s really helpful!

  • Brian Jones

    My wife and I attended the 7/1 taping and just barely got in. We flew in from FL so we were really hoping to see the show. We arrived at 8am and we already 27/28th in line. So get there early! The entire cast was there for the taping so lots of VIP guests attended. There were at least 150 people in our line hoping to get in and they only let in about 23 and sent everyone else home. In hopes that someone might leave the taping early (which lasted from 430-930) we waited and got in about 6p. Front row seats and it was an amazing experience!

  • Chelsea

    Thank you so much for putting this together! I assume that the times you listed are in PST (Pacific Standard Time)? Just checking, as I live elsewhere. Thanks!

  • Amanda

    Hi is it possible to meet the cast and get an autograph and do you get to pick your seats or do they tell you where to sit? and where is the best place to sit?

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Amanda, it is possible to get autographs if the cast approaches the seating area following the taping. they won’t let any Full House or Fuller House items in to get autographed so paper and a pen or sharpie is your best bet. you don’t get to pick your seat so i can’t really say where the best place to sit is because they will tell you where to go. Hope you enjoy!

  • Tzee

    So for the Taping on April 13th, is it an afternoon taping? We have a flight landing at 9:30 am on that day and want to see if we can still make it for the taping. We have friends that will already be in LA the day before, so we were thinking we could meet there. We would probably make it around 11am at the latest (catching an uber).

  • Tzee

    One more question, if you showed up at 11am, did they give you a number and you waited until 4pm? So you waited 5 hours in the garage. Cant you go somewhere and come back when they start calling numbers around 3?

  • Elle Post author

    I just realized I need to update my post. When I got there at 11am it was the very first taping of Fuller House ever. Things have changed a lot since then so I need to update the post. Last season people started arriving as early as 5-6am. At some tapings as few as 20 ticket holders were let in so it is hard to get in without priority tickets. I recommend to start following on twitter so enter their contests for priority tickets. With those types of tickets it would be fine for you to arrive later in the day. -Elle

  • Elle Post author

    The way the Fuller House tapings have worked in the past is they don’t check people in until an hour or two before the show stars and once they check in VIP and priority they start on general. General is first come first served so if you leave someone from your group will need to stay and hold your spot in line. So yes you can leave but don’t all leave at once. It isn’t like where you check in when you arrive, get a number and can come back. Check in times vary too so having someone stay behind to keep you updated is important. And yes, every time I’ve gone to the tapings I have waited for hours. Even with priority tickets I still waited two hours at least. -Elle

  • Elle Post author

    I can’t wait either! I am so ready to see what happens next. Hoping that DJ ends up with Steve somehow. – Elle

  • Blake

    Great blog, thanks for the info. On the ticket site there are standby tickets…can you explain how those tickets/process works?

  • Kristen

    Hi Elle,

    I have tickets for the fuller house taping on 4/21. I want to make sure I get in so realistically what time do you think I should get there?

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Blake, the standby tickets are new this season. Previously, only the big bang theory had those. All tickets other than VIP are considered standby so I’m not exactly sure how these are working. I’m assuming it just means that they are the lowest priority tickets which means anyone with that ticket would be let in last. I will be going to the 4/13 taping so once I can see how this works in real life I’ll be able to provide more information. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful with info on that. – Elle

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Kristen,
    It looks like so far the VIP lists at the tapings aren’t too crazy so a lot of fans are getting in. I would say arrive around 9-10 as long as you’re okay waiting that long. I’ll be going to the 4/13 taping and I can update you on how the line & arrival times are that day. – Elle

  • Kristen

    Yes! Thank you that’ll be great! You’re a life saver. I’m flying in from Miami for vacation. Do you live in LA?

  • Elle Post author

    It is hard to say because it completely depends on how big the VIP list which isn’t something that non employees have knowledge of. It’s worth trying but just be sure to arrive early so that you will be the first standby ticket holder let in if they have space. I’ve been checking social media and so far I’ve seen no complaints about people not getting in. I feel like you have a great chance to get in and I hope I’m right. -Elle

  • Elle Post author

    I live near LA. I’m in a different city & country but close enough that I’m there often for work & for play. Will this be your first visit to California? – Elle