Meeting Mario Lopez at Macy’s

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I have shopped at Macy’s for as long as I can remember.  Up until now some of my best memories at Macy’s have been shopping on Black Friday.  Last week I got a picture with Mario Lopez at a Macy’s store so that memory will probably become my favorite.  You may not know this but Macy’s is a great place for fans to connect with some of their favorite celebrities.  Within the last month fans of Kendall Jenner were able to see her at the Macy’s at Herald Square.  Some lucky Pretty Little Liars fans got to meet Keegan Allen at a Macy’s during a book signing.  And Martha Stewart and Ariana Grande also had in store events meeting fans.

I was thrilled when one of their awesome in store events was finally going to be taking place in my area.  I love shopping and I love getting to see my favorite celebrities in person and Macy’s provided an opportunity for me to do both.  I was blessed to get to go to an in store event at the Macy’s in Montebello, CA.  I found out through twitter that the Macy’s store in Montebello would be hosting an event for hispanic heritage month which would feature Mario Lopez, Don Omar and Angel Merino.  Mario Lopez retweeted information about the event which I saw and did my part to help spread the word about this event.  For fans of Mario this event provided a great opportunity to see him and even meet him.

I love Mario Lopez because he is such a nice guy and growing up Saved By The Bell was a must watch for me everyday after school.  Last fall I met Mario at a book signing and I was excited about the possibility of getting to see him again.  My friend and I arrived to Macy’s around 4:30pm for the event that was scheduled to start at 6:30pm.  Anyone was welcome to watch the event but those who spent $50 in Macy’s received a wristband which gave them the opportunity to get a picture with Angel and Mario.  Don Omar was unable to make the event but those who got a wristband also received his cd.

My friend ended up making a purchase which allowed both of us to get a wristband.  We hung around the area they had set up for the event so that when they opened up the line we could be right up front so that I could video tape the event and share it with you.  While we were waiting we were approached by Maria from Univision who asked if we would like to do an interview.  We stepped out of the store and did the interview in the mall which was really fun.  We were asked questions how long we had been fans of Mario Lopez and what we admired about him.

univisionI mentioned how I grew up watching him on Saved By The Bell and I admire his work ethic.  I follow Mario on social media and between his show Extra and his radio show he stays busy.  Maria was such a joy to speak to and really made the interview fun for us.  If you watch Univison keep an eye out for me gushing about how great Mario Lopez is.  By the time our interview was over the line had opened up so my friend and I got a front row spot.

mario at macy's

Prior to the event Angel did make up demonstrations which I completely forgot about.  Angel is a make up artist who has amassed quite a following on instagram.  The event ended up starting around 7:00pm and by that time there was a big crowd which I was happy to see.  Angel & Mario had a conversation covering their careers and how being Latino has inspired their style and what the culture means to them.  If you would like to watch the videos of Mario & Angel from the event please click here.

It is so nice to hear people speak about how proud they are of their heritage.  This event was very well put together and really fun to attend.  After the discussion everyone who had a wristband was able to get a picture.  I was really pleased that there was someone to hold bags for people while they took their picture.  And they had someone for you to hand your camera to take the picture.  To me those are little touches that make a big difference because it helps things run smoothly but it also gives you a better picture.

mario lopez As I mentioned at the beginning of this post I learned about the event because I follow Mario Lopez on twitter. You can also follow Macy’s on twitter to stay up to date on upcoming events they have in their stores. I do my best to keep the upcoming event pages current with ways for you to meet celebrities or attend fun events. There are still two more in store events happening for hispanic heritage month which you can find out about by clicking here: Macy’s Hispanic Heritage Month

Now that you know the best ways to find out about Macy’s events I’d like to go over a few ways to make the most out of your shopping experience.  One of my favorite apps is one called Shopkicks which gives you points for going to your favorite stores.  You can also earn points from making purchases and from scanning the barcodes of items.  Once you have earned a good amount of points you can redeem them for gift cards.

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