Hollywood Costume Exhibition

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Last winter the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hosted an incredible Hollywood Costume Exhibition.  My mom and I went to check it out and we enjoyed it even more than we thought we would.  I am really hoping that this exhibit will come back in the future but as of now there have been no announcements about it.

However, work is being done on an Academy museum so perhaps this exhibit will be back when the museum opens.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the group who casts decides who gets the nominations and the awards for the Oscars.  We were given a lovely booklet to keep our tickets in which made a great souvenir.

Hollywood Costume Exhibit

On the Red Carpet with Oscar

The Oscars are famous for being a classy and glamorous event.  On the night of the ceremony the stars walk the red carpet before going inside the Dolby Theater.  The entrance to the Oscars costume had a red carpet for us to walk down which made me feel like I was at a movie premiere or an awards show.  I love that they went the extra mile to make the exhibit even more special.  In addition to the red carpet there was a gigantic Oscar statue that you could pose next to.  It made for a pretty great photo opportunity.

Once we got inside and picked up our tickets we can went into a room with several Oscars won by costume designers like Edith Head who worked on several costumes for Audrey Hepburn.  This was the only room in the exhibit in which we were able to take pictures.  The costumes were really wonderful & have been preserved very nicely.

The majority of the costumes had a screen above the neckline with the face of the actor who wore the costume which was a nice touch as it helped us put a face to who wore what outfit.  I also really enjoyed the use of storytelling throughout the exhibition.  I stopped to read every word because the words helped provide a perspective on all of the work that goes into dressing characters.  As I walked around I found wonderful descriptions of how the costumes helped bring the characters to life.


My Mom outside of LACMA

The costumes range from pieces worn by Charlie Chaplin to an outfit that Jennifer Lawrence wore in the The Hunger Games .  The Academy did a brilliant job of putting this exhibition together and I think it is sad that it was only around for a limited amount of time.  I would rate this exhibition a 10/10 and a must do for someone who appreciates movies.

I absolutely loved seeing outfits from my favorite movies like Titanic but I would have loved to see even more from movies that won best picture.  The location of this exhibit was great as it was right next door to the Los Angles County Museum of Art (LACMA) which has a beautiful light sculpture out front which my Mom and I took pictures with.

my belle elle

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20 thoughts on “Hollywood Costume Exhibition

  • laci

    Love this how neat and fun definitely something I would want to do.

  • Eileen

    What a wonderful trip for you and your Mom. I had a friend attend this year Emmy’s and I was so excited just to follow on facebook. I would love to take this trip

  • Elizabeth O.

    Coolness! It would be nice to outfits worn by our favorite actors in their movies. That’s an experience I’d love to have someday.

  • Eileen

    I would love to have my picture taken beside that huge Oscars trophy! What a fun activity. I wish I lived close to California so I could witness this event!

  • R U S S

    This must have been such a fun experience. I would love love love to see this costume exhibition. Kudos to the team that put this together. I hope they bring it to other countries too.

  • Natalie

    So jealous, I’ve always wanted to visit Cali as a whole. I might get the chance later this year for this dinner with this YouTube. Which that within itself sounds amazing. But this looks awesome!

  • Rosey

    That’sfun that there is such a big assortment. I’d like to see how big Chrlie Chaplin was, it’s amazing how the costumes show their size. we saw one for Mick Jagger at the ROHF and I was so surprised he was short. To me he always seemed tall on TV or what have you. :)

  • Marts

    Ohh, I’d love to have a photo taken with that Oscar’s statue :) Seeing things from the movies feel like reliving the movie itself and witnessing it first hand :)