Award Shows That Fans Can Attend

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I love sharing about award shows that fans can attend. A lot of people, myself included, like watching award shows when they are on Tv. When I was younger a friend invited me to go with her family to the CMT Music Awards. Even after that experience it never crossed my mind that there were other awards shows that fans could attend. For some shows, you can buy tickets in order to attend. Sometimes you can get free tickets to an award show by applying to be a seat filler.

award shows that fans can attend

Oscars Red Carpet Ι People’s Choice Awards Ι Tv Land Icon Awards

Award Shows That Fans Can Attend By Buying Or Getting Free Tickets

Always be careful when you buy tickets to an award shows. There are a lot of “concierge” companies who buy tickets to resell at crazy prices. There is no need to spend $2,5000 when you can pay $50-$150 or get them for free.

ACM Awards

American Music Awards

The Espys

Film Independent Awards

iHeartRadio Music Awards

Kids Choice Awards

MTV TV and Movie Awards

Interested in attending Celebrity Events like this in the future? Find out how here.

MTV Video Music Awards

Radio Disney Music Awards

Teen Choice Awards

Tony Awards

Award Shows That Fans Can Attend By Being A Seat Filler

Billboard Music Awards

CMA Awards

CMT Music Awards

Critics Choice Awards


Grammy Awards

NAACP Image Awards

Nashville Universe Award Show

The BET Awards

People’s Choice Awards

TV Land Icon Awards

Award Shows That Fans Can Attend The Red Carpet At


The Espys

Golden Globes – I don’t recommend purchasing the Golden Globes package from The Beverly Hilton. It costs over $3,000. Audiences Unlimited did have a fan section on the red carpet this year for free. However, a friend who went said it was very disappointing. Since it was a free section they didn’t get the same view as those who paid $3,000 which makes sense. It did not sound like a great experience at all.

The Grammys – I was supposed to go to the red carpet for the Grammy’s this year but due to a change of plans I was unable to attend. MasterCard had a promotion where any card holder who filled out their sign up form was given two tickets to the red carpet. Definitely a great reason to become a master card holder.

Oscars – The only way you can make it inside the Oscars is if you are invited or are a seat filler. In order to be a seat filler for this show, you have to be related to a member of the Academy. The only option that fans have is to apply to attend the red carpet. In addition to getting to see all the stars you also get a swag bag and your own private viewing party. I had the best experience doing this.

People’s Choice Awards – A small number of seat fillers were selected to go to the red carpet. It was a very small fan section so if you want the chance to do this in 2018 you need to check in very early.

SAG Awards – In order to attend the red carpet for the SAG awards you have to win a bid on the tickets. This is all handled directly through SAG.

Do you know of another award show that fans can attend?

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6 thoughts on “Award Shows That Fans Can Attend

  • Jamie Beeman

    How do you enter the lottery to do the red carpet for the oscars? I can’t find it anywhere!

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Jamie, every year since I first entered in 2012 it has been posted on the Oscars website in November. I never saw it posted this year. The only entry I saw for it this time around was through People Magazine but that was also in November. -Elle

  • Hazel

    Hi Elle! Thanks for posting this. I really want to attend the ESPYS this year. Like I already have a dress picked out (don’t laugh) So how do I get in? I was very tempted to pay 7k to a concierge company but I ended up buying a new car. So many great women athletes will be there im sure and I would love to be at the show, on the red carpet or even volunteer to usher people to their seats. Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Elle Post author

    Hi Hazel, For the ESPYs you should be able to go for free! I will email you the form to sign up for an email when the free tickets go live. Let me know if you don’t get the email within the next 24 hours. -Elle

  • Beau


    I was just about to spend my college savings and buy tickets to the espys. Then I ran into this site! Any recommendations on how to score free tickets?

  • Elle Post author

    I haven’t seen them post free tickets yet but they are orally offered through