2017 Golden Globes Party

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I received free products from Oriental Trading in order to provide an honest review. No other type of compensation was received. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love hosting viewing parties during awards season. The Golden Globes and the Oscars are my two favorite nights to invite friends to come watch the show with me. I love hearing everyone’s thoughts during the red carpet and especially during the show. As an actor and a lover of film and television, I treat these award shows like my Superbowl. It was my goal to make my 2017 Golden Globes party the best one I have ever thrown.

2017 golden globes

Did you watch the Golden Globes this year? I really enjoyed the show and wished that we could have gotten even more from host Jimmy Fallon. The opening number of the show was the best introduction to an awards show that I have seen in years. Other highlights from the show for me was seeing Meryl Streep get honored with the Cecil B Demille award. There is truly no one like her and she continues to inspire me. Another highlight was the clip of actors sharing their first jobs and the tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Of course, one of my favorite moments was watching Leonardo DiCaprio present an award!

Yes, I had a great time watching the show. However, I know that a good party involves more than just watching something. In order to make my party even better, I received some fabulous products from Oriental Trading. I was thrilled with the items that I was provided with. Not only are the products perfect for a Golden Globes party they are awesome for a movie night or birthday party. The variety of Hollywood-themed items and the quality was very impressive to me.

My friends and I love taking pictures so I wanted to have a photo spot at my party. I knew that I could use black curtains that I have as the backdrop. What photo spot at an award show party is complete without a red carpet? The “red carpet” is a thin piece of red material that is perfect for a home party. It is easy to roll out to use and roll back up to store. Even though it is thin, it is not so thin that it will rip easily when your guests walk on it. Another must have for a photo spot is props. When I have purchased photo props in the past they have not come put together and I have had to cut the items out and then attach them to a stick. I was thrilled that the large pack of photo props came fully assembled! The variety of the props is fantastic! We had a great time taking our red carpet pictures at the photo spot.

I was sent a pack of six paper lanterns with gold specks that were so fitting for the Golden Globes. Previously I thought the packs only came with three lanterns so I was thrilled with the amount. I hung three lanterns by the food table and hung three lanterns in my photo spot. The lanterns are tough even though the paper feels fragile. Don’t be afraid that you’ll rip them trying to set up them. Just be careful and don’t be too forceful when you place the extender inside.

The Now Showing chalkboard is so wonderful! This is the best way to customize the event that you are hosting. The size is great because it gives you enough space to share the name of what you’re showing and the time. You can really have some fun with this, I know I did! It also works great as a photo prop.

As much fun as I have with taking photos I know that food is always an important part of a party. I wanted the presentation to be as great as the food itself. Lining the front of the table was a red movie rope. This was a touch of classic Hollywood for me. The only bummer was that it was hard to get it to stay on the ends of my table. I ended up needing to use some clear tape to hold it in place. The only thing that made me nervous about adding the tape was possibly damaging the gold pieces when I peeled the tape off. Luckily, peeling the tape off still left the gold pieces completely intact.

Popcorn is a must have when it comes to watching film and television. I cannot get enough of the darling popcorn boxes. They were so simple to put together and they hold a nice amount of popcorn. In addition to being the best-dressed dessert holder, the boxes can also serve as a nice take-home for your guests.

The movie night napkins are sized just right. I love that the top of the napkin looks like a movie clapper.

The now showing plates are pleasantly sturdy and really cute.

The straws caught my eye because they remind me of the stars on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Paper straws like this are always adorable. The only downside about these straws is that after they are in your drink for a long period of time they get soggy. If you fill drinks up for your guests ahead of time avoid putting the straws in until a guest takes a drink.

I was so pleased with how cute the napkin, plate, and straw look.

This film reel cupcake stand served as the centerpiece for the table. It was the perfect stand to place my film reel cupcakes on. Is this not reel cute? I was able to put the stand together in a few minutes. The stand holds 12 cupcakes.

I was very proud of how everything looked. From the popcorn boxes to the straws and the red carpet I loved all of the special touches that these items brought to my party. The Golden Globes is loved by the stars because the way it is set up with the tables they can mingle with their friends on commercial breaks. Plus, they can enjoy food throughout the show. That was the purpose of my party and my mission was accomplished. I had no issues with any of the Oriental Trading products. The products are well put together and have a nice look about them.

If you are interested in any of the items I have mentioned you can check them out here:
Red Carpet
Paper Lanterns
Photo Props
Now Showing Chalk Board
Movie Night Rope
Popcorn Boxes
Movie Night Napkins
Now Showing Plates
Cupcake Stand

Did you watch The Golden Globes? What were your thoughts on the show?

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9 thoughts on “2017 Golden Globes Party

  • CourtneyLynne

    Omg what a cute party setup!!!!! I watched the golden globes last night and loved them!!! My show the crown won two awards

  • Byron Thomas

    OMG – I wish I was at your home for the Golden Globes – looks great! I watched and loved! GG’s are probably my favourite of the awards season; less bogged down than the Oscars.

  • My Teen Guide

    I really love the theme set up for the party! It looks sp much fun and fantastic!

  • Elizabeth O

    I hope you had a fun night with your party and show watching guests. The party items are very attractive.

  • Alicia

    We don’t have cable, so we did not watch it. I did hear about it and see a few parts of it and it looked like a wonderful awards show.

  • Lisa Rios

    Oscars is my favorite night to host a party at home with few loved ones around and Oriental Trading has always been there to get the best you need. The pictures are amazing and that table spread looks mind blowing as well. Such a beautiful party setup to rock the show!