Hollywood Walk of Fame


Hollywood is associated with movie stars and the walk of fame is place that honors their contributions as well as others in the entertainment industry.  The walk of fame is made up of 15 blocks on Hollywood Blvd and three blocks on Vine St.  The stars have the names of an entertainer or group with a symbol of the category they are being recognized in.  For example Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have the television receiver icon on their star.  Some stars have been honored with multiple stars each one having a different icon on it.  In addition to the television receiver icon there are four other icons: classic film camera, phonograph record, radio microphone, and comedy/tragedy masks.

There are over 2,000 stars on the walk of fame which is run by the Hollywood chamber of commerce.  Recently, Claire Danes was awarded a star and the chamber of commerce released information about attending the ceremony on their website.  They have a viewing area for fans and since I have never been to a ceremony I am not sure what the experience is like but I would think it would be really cool to attend.  The best way to find out about any upcoming ceremonies is to visit the Hollywood chamber of commerce.  If you cannot attend the ceremony they do offer a live stream on their website.

If you want to find the stars of names you know you want to take pictures of you can look up the address before hand.  Remember when I said that the walk of fame makes up 15 blocks on Hollywood Blvd?  That means you could spend a lot of time looking for specific stars unless you check for the address ahead of time.  You might also want to check and see what stars you would be interested in looking for.  It might surprise you that some of your favorite people don’t have a star on the walk of fame.  Some have been selected to have a star and have their declined or have not been able to schedule the ceremony.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

I have walked by the stars lots of times when I’ve been in Hollywood and I have learned how difficult it can be to get a good picture.  Hollywood Blvd is a crowded place so it can be hard to get a picture without people walking into it.  If you wait until people are not in your way to take a picture you could be waiting a long time.  It can also be tricky to get a clear picture because of the glare from the sun.  Also the biggest suggestion that I have for you is to be sure to watch your purse, bag, camera, wallet or whatever you have with you.  Oh and I do not recommend taking anything that anyone tries to hand you.  Lastly, if you take a picture with knock off Mickey Mouse or Batman you will be expected to pay them.

While you are checking out the walk of fame you might also want to stop by the TCL Chinese Theatre or the El Cpaitan Theatre.  To find out about upcoming ceremonies or to get the address for a star please visit: http://www.walkoffame.com

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24 thoughts on “Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • Robin Masshole Mommy

    We took a day trip up to Hollywood last year when we were in San Diego. It was cool to see the stars on the Walk of Fame in real life.

  • Missy

    That is pretty cool! Personally I would want to walk the whole 15 blocks but I know I am crazy. I can’t even think of one specific star I would want to see but it is on my list of fun things to do.

  • Dia@ All The Things I Do

    I never would of thought about looking ahead of time but that’s smart I didn’t realize it was so long. I do hope to go one day! I love Clare Danes. There are a lot of stars I’d love to take a picture with! Thanks for sharing this.

  • victoria

    What a fun place to visit. I wish i could see Hollywood someday.

  • Elizabeth O.

    The walk of fame is an attraction that is always great to see. I wonder how the stars feel when they finally get a spot, it must be rewarding!

  • MyTeenGuide

    I have never been to Hollywood. If I get the chance, I will definitely include this on my list.

  • Patrice M Foster

    Looks like you had a great time walking the hall of fame did you see anyone? Crowded this is an understatement omg more like swamp of people. I saw a lot of homeless people when I was in Calfornia sad but true some of their story. Thanks for sharing.

  • John Milnes

    This is on my bucket list. When I was in the USA in ’99 for the millennium. I only got to go as far as Las Vegas. California is in my top ten of my bucket list.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    John @ daddyphotoblog.com

  • Rosey

    gah, it would be fun to visit. Everyone trying to get something from you would get old fast though. ;)

  • Shaylee

    I’ve never been to Hollywood but when I get there I’m definitely going to visit the walk of fame!